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What Makes Our Amish Tables Special

We know that buying a new piece of Amish furniture is a huge investment so we made sure that our products look great and last for a long time.

Our Amish dining tables are guaranteed to have top notch quality. They are handcrafted by Amish artisans who create furniture pieces using hand-selected materials. They only use wood with ideal maturity to create strong pieces of furniture. In our long list of products, you won't anything made of composite wood, particle board, or even veneer.

The Amish dining tables you'll see on our site don't require extensive maintenance. Regular dusting keeps them clean. You can polish them once every six months to keep the finish of your furniture.

How to Pick the Right Amish Dining Table for Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, your dining table is an essential part of your home. It's where you and your family share meals, talk about your day, and even enjoy a night of board games.

With all the things you do with your dining table, it's important that you get the right furniture. Below is a handy guide to picking the right Amish table for your dining room:

Start by taking measurements

This step will let you know how much space you have for your dining table. Since you're going to spend money, you have to make sure that your table will fit where you want it to.

If you are just replacing an old table, you can take its measurements and use the numbers as reference for your new piece. In case you're having a hard time visualizing where it should go, you can use small pieces of furniture to occupy your preferred spot.

Find the right table shape

Measurements aren't the only factor you have to consider. In picking the perfect Amish dining table, you should also pay attention to its shape.

A square-shaped table fills space differently than a round table. It's perfect to use in high-traffic spots in your home, like your kitchen and dining room.

If your family likes having game nights and dinners, consider getting square dining tables. In case you're after an interesting focal point, you can invest in a rectangular dining table.

Pick the right material

Amish furniture pieces can be customized according to your needs and wants and that includes dining tables. You can pick the type of wood as well as the stain to make sure that the piece goes well with everything you have in your kitchen and dining room.

Quick Tips on How to Blend Your New Amish Table With Old Kitchen Furniture

Replacing all the pieces of furniture you have in your kitchen can be expensive and exhausting. If you want to create a new look for your dining room, then you'll need to learn how to mix and match furniture pieces.

Stick with neutrals

It's hard to go wrong with neutrals. In fact, they are great when it comes to creating an exciting design for your Amish dining room.

You can display beautiful flowers on your Amish dining tables to create a cheery and bright mood. And if you aren't sure if you've done your interior design properly, the flowers will make up for it. You'll find people smiling as soon as they enter your dining room.

Find the perfect tablecloth

Tablecloths work really well in dressing up any kind of table. Apart from that, they also do an excellent job protecting your dining room furniture from stains and scratches.


Mix and match

To create an eclectic-looking dining room, consider pairing traditional-style chairs with contemporary ones. If you want to make a rustic Amish dining room, add gingham, mason jars, and a couple of planter boxes.

Which Hardwood Should You Choose for Your Amish Furniture?

If you are new to buying Amish tables and dining room furniture, the hardwood choices can be confusing. To help you pick the right one for your space, below is a quick overview of each kind:


White Oak

This wood type is known for its golden-brown hue. It's easy to work with and generally strong.

Red Oak


This is a favorite and classic option for a lot of people buying an American-made dining room table. With a reddish-brown color, this kind of hardwood is strong.


This hardwood has a distinct appearance due to the variations in grain patterns. If you are thinking of creating a rustic-themed Amish dining room or Amish kitchen this one's an excellent option.



This type of hardwood ages really well. Often grown in forests, the wood stains well, too.




Maple has an impressive degree of stability. Compared with other types of hardwood, it's more affordable.


Pick any of our Amish made dining room and kitchen tables and enjoy durable and visually appealing pieces of furniture that can last for years.

Dining Tables

Create a casual and relaxed mood in your dining space with our Amish dining tables. They come with a variety of charming details to impress everyone you invite over.


If laid-back and relaxed aren't your styles, you can go for our contemporary dining tables. They are designed to match current and classic themed Amish dining rooms in the solid hardwood of your choice.

Bar & Pub Tables

We can customize our Amish bar and pub tables according to your needs. Made to last a lifetime, you can get them to your preferred dimensions. You won’t have problems making them fit in your dining and kitchen area.

Coffee & End Tables

Made by skillful Amish craftsmen, the Amish coffee tables we sell on our site are everlasting pieces. Whether you use them as a piece of kitchen furniture or a statement piece in your living room or bedroom, you'll find them great to have in your home.

Occasional Table Sets

Our Amish-crafted occasional table sets represent our artisans' years of experience in making impressive furniture pieces. They are available in different styles and sizes.

Patio Tables

Our Amish Patio Tables can transform your patio or backyard into a heavenly outdoor oasis. Partner them with custom-made benches and chairs and you'll have a patio that looks far from boring.

Sofa & Entry Tables

Take a closer look at our huge collection of Amish sofa and entry tables. We have all sorts of style accents that can match your needs.