What is the Difference Between a High and Low Footboard on a Bed?


A high foot board is what most beds are pictured with on our site, where the foot board extends up from the base of the bed by typically 12 to 40 inches.   The price of the high foot board is calculated into the  base price of the bed in most cases.



Our beds can also be built with a low foot board, which essentially means there is no foot board.



Rather, the side rails of the bed are used as the foot board.  In this case, the there is no panel that extends beyond the height of the mattress.



Aside from aesthetics, there is no strength and durability advantage to a high foot board in contrast to a low foot board.


In this video, Laura briefly explains the difference between the high and low foot board in her words.


2 Responses to “What is the Difference Between a High and Low Footboard on a Bed?”

  1. Craig Blessing says:

    Could you make us (2) twin cabinet murphy beds in a white finish?

  2. vsnemeth says:

    Hi Craig,

    I can’t see any twin Murphy beds in the store. Maybe you should call the office at 1(800)918-6184 and ask anyone has come across them.

    We have a Queen-size Murphy bed in rustic style, and some of our manufacturers will do custom measurements if you give us a call: https://www.amishfurniturefactory.com/queen-murphy-bed.html

    We have twin bunk beds and trundle beds in more contemporary and classic styles, if that could help you save space: https://www.amishfurniturefactory.com/amish-beds

    I hope you find the best beds for you,

    Vicki, Content

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