What Is The Difference Between A High And Low Footboard On A Bed?

What is the Difference Between a High and Low Footboard on a Bed?

Footboards are less common than headboards. However, you will unlikely see a bed with a footboard and no headboard. While both offer many of the same benefits, people tend to have difficulty choosing between a high and low footboard when buying a bed frame. What are the differences between the two, anyway?

While both a high and a low footboard offer several advantages, the most notable difference between the two is in terms of aesthetics. A high footboard is traditional and outdated, while a low one is often used in minimalist and modern home interior designs.

If you’re struggling to choose between the two, below is a quick but handy guide for you.

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What Is A Footboard?


A footboard is a raised platform across the foot of a bed. It provides an additional structure and holds the bedding in place.

There are two types – a high footboard and a low footboard.

A High Footboard and Its Advantages

If a bed has a board installed on the end of it, no matter the size, even if it is just half an inch, it is automatically called a “high footboard”.

Although there were no verified documents of when footboards were invented, many believe that this specific bed accessory was first seen at the same time headboards were in ancient Egypt and Greece. This was also when everyone would judge other people’s social status just by looking at the bed frame and headboard in a family’s master bedroom. A bed was considered a prized status symbol back then.

Many people may not realize it, but there are many advantages to having a bed frame with a high footboard.

Traditional Style

A bed with a headboard and a footboard is something that people would match with a mission, rustic, shaker, and traditional home interior designs. 

If you’re into any of these styles and are planning to get one, an authentic Amish furniture shop is the first and best place to start looking. Most Amish-made beds have a footboard installed to complete the overall look.

Clean Look

A high footboard conceals worn-out and unkempt bedding. You don’t have to change and purchase a new bedding set every time the fabric’s color starts to fade. When you’re the type of person who’s always in a rush and places everything on top of the bed and go, this can be a great help to hide the mess until you get back and find the time to clean up.

Opportunity to Get Creative

Since Pinterest was born, people have been getting more and more creative. Every blank space in all corners of the house would turn into a masterpiece in a snap.

Board rails are often used to hang hats, necklaces, and other accessories. Some even install sets of fairy lights because – why not?

Support to Mattresses

The footboard stops the mattress from falling from its box spring. In addition, it secures the covers, sheets, and blankets – preventing them from going all over the place. Since this device keeps everything in one place, it adds to the overall clean look of the room where it’s in.

Foot Rest for Those Who Need It


A footboard is an essential part of a hospital bed. It’s more than just a design since it helps a patient maintain proper foot alignment and posture. In some cases where patients and the elderly have to sleep in a slightly upright position, it acts as a stopper, preventing anyone from slipping down.

A Low Footboard and Its Advantages

Simply put, a “low footboard” means “no footboard”. There’s nothing installed across the end of the bed. Instead, the side rails are often used as the “stopper”.

In these times where “less is better” when it comes to home decorating, more and more people are switching from big traditional beds to smaller and simpler ones.

A bed that has no footboard is the number one choice for people going for contemporary and minimalistic home interior designs.


The low footboard is suitable for any bedroom size. The absence of a raised platform at the end of the bed creates openness in the entire room. It doesn’t generate any border that would make a small room smaller.

Matches Other Bedroom Furniture

A board-free bed saves you thousands of bucks from buying a whole bedroom furniture package to ensure everything matches. Aside from that, having a footboard would require you to consider the height and size of the other pieces you’re about to get for your bedroom. You wouldn’t want your items or bed to look too big and chunky.

More Affordable Redecorating Costs

If you love redecorating from time to time, having an open bed allows you to spend more on other things in your room you want to replace and add. Since the mattress is the only thing visible, you only have to play with the bedding sets’ colors and designs to match the new theme properly.

Makes Adding a Bedroom Bench Easy


Sometimes, a bedroom bench is a functional accent to any bedroom. Without anything installed at the foot of the bedframe, you can easily add a bedroom bench of any design of your choice at the end of it.

Provides Safer and More Space for Taller People

Taller people hate boards at the end of the bed. They accidentally stub their toes, especially when they’re active sleepers. They also tend to bump into them when returning to bed after a midnight bathroom break.

Leaves Making Beds Quicker

Without any board in the way, you can easily make the bed without bangs, bumps, or any possible injuries caused by hidden sharp objects under the mattress.

In Summary

There are tons of differences between a high and a low footboard. Aesthetically speaking, if you’re planning to buy a new bedframe for your room, you may want to consider your overall house theme and the other existing furniture around it first.

Many today choose low footboard beds due to their simplicity and minimalist feel. However, the other has some advantages that a low one couldn’t provide. It may be a bit old-fashioned and too traditional, but isn’t that why you’re shopping for some timeless solid wood furniture that could turn into a good investment someday?

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