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Hardwoods (click to see more)

Hardwood StackOur hardwoods are sustainability harvested and grown for the purpose of building the highest quality Amish furniture today.

We currently carry nearly a dozen different domestically harvested hardwood species which are used to build your custom Amish furniture.

There are a multitude of stain colors for each wood type (see Finishes below). Each wood has it's own grain pattern and personality to get to know.

Finishes (click to see more)

Staining SprayEach hardwood has several different stain colors that can be applied, each of which will bring out the best qualities of the wood in the color you love.

If you are curious how we apply the finishes, check out our three part staining video series that explains the process in great detail.

Keep in mind we send out wood stain samples to make it easy to select your favorite stain color. Visit our sample request page and we will mail them to you for free!

Upholstery (click to see more)

Enjoy browsing our huge selection of upholstery for dining and living room chairs. We have many types of fabrics, and genuine and faux leathers that can be applied by our skilled craftsmen.

Heartland Fabrics Image

Dining Tables

Table Leaves (click to see more)

Adding leaves to your table is a great way to make your table more versatile. A leaf is typically 12" wide, and one or more can be inserted into the middle of our dining tables to create additional chair space if you're expecting guests.

Most of our tables will take up to four leaves, but some extension tables will take up to 12 leaves for large gatherings.

Leaf storage can be added to many tables as well, which creates a cavity inside the middle of the table, just below the table top, to store leaves when they are not being used. Different tables have different storing capabilities, so see each table description for details.

To give the edges under the table a more seamless look, l
eaf skirts can be added to the bottom ends of each leaf. Without skirts, the sliding mechanism may be more visible when looking at the table from the sides. Many tables will self store two leaves with skirts, and two without, which is something to consider when ordering leaf skirts.

Another popular style of leaf available on select tables is the butterfly leaf.¬¬¬¬† The butterfly is a large self storing center leaf, typically 16-18" wide that is permanently built into the table.

When the table is expanded revealing the leaf, the leaf then rotates upward on a sturdy hinge to be level with the table top. Then, one half of the leaf un-folds flush with all surrounding table surfaces.¬¬¬¬† Once the table ends are closed around the leaf, the table is ready to use. The video linked above clearly shows the mechanism in action.

Table Bases (click to see more)

Single Ped Mission Base Dining tables are available in different base designs with varying aesthetic and functional characteristics to consider. Trestle, pedestal, and leg tables are the three main types of bases, each having the potential for a diverse array of styling.

Generally speaking, trestle and double pedestal tables have superior strength, but less under-table space and limited seating capacity. Leg and single pedestal tables may not be as sturdy, but can offer expanded seating capacity and more under-table space.

Table Sizes & Seating (click to see more)

Each table we offer can be built with custom table top sizes to accommodate a wide number of chair quantities and arrangements.

Of course, the larger the table, the more chairs that can be seated. Keep in mind that different table bases and top shapes also affect chairs capacity and "under table" chair fitting.

Table Slides (click to see more)

Geared SlidesSlides on a dining table refers to the mechanism under the table top that allows the table top halves to open and close when installing leaves into the table top.

The three types of slides available wooden slides, geared slides, and ball bearing slides. Geared slides are the most common, and are available as a standard option on most tables, while the ball bearing is a option upgrade.

Wooden slides are used mainly on extension leg tables which allow them to extend to twelve feet or more.

Table Top Shapes

Certain table models allow you to customize the shape of the table top to suit your style and size preferences. There are too many shape options to list for all Amish builders, but the chart below illustrates some examples.

Table Top Shape Options

Table Top Edges (click to see more)

Champfer Edge The table edge is the shape or contour of the outer portion of the table top.

The table edge is considered detail work for the design of the table, but you might be surprised how much the edge can alter the appearance of the table

There are around a dozen different table edge shapes available between our dining table builders.

Dining Chairs

Side or Arm Chairs (click to see more)

Side vs Arm ChairFor a reasonable price, side chairs (no arms) can be upgraded to arm chairs. The benefit of a side chair is it's clean looks, while arms on a chair give it a more stately look and somewhere to rest your arms!

Traditionally, side chairs are used along the side of the table, (thus the name), and arm chairs are used at each head of the table.

Of course there is no code of decor forbidding other arm and side chair configurations.

Wood or Upholstered Seats (click to see more)

Wood vs Upholstered SeatsMost of our dining chairs come standard with wood seats with an available upholstery upgrade option.

Upgrading to upholstered seats allows further customization and enhances comfort. Each upholstered seat has high density foam padding to maximize comfort and achieve a plush appearance.

All upholstery and padding is hand installed by the same skilled craftsman that designed and built the chair.

Dining & Bar Chair Seat Heights (click to see more)

Dining & Bar Chair Seat HeightsDining and bar chair seat heights are available in multiple sizes. Seat height is measured from the ground to the top of the seat edge

Different heights serve both aesthetic and practical purposes, making dining and bar chairs more versatile for the diverse needs of our customers

Dining chair heights come in two sizes and work with dining tables. Pub and bar chairs, work most commonly with counter height tables

Desk Chair Bases

Desk Chair Bases Our dining chair builders offer the option to convert some of the dining chairs in their line into a desk chair using a desk chair base.

Dining chairs are converted to desk chairs by mounting a desk chair base to the bottom center of a chair seat, in place of the dining chair leg base.

The desk chair bases are available with either a gas or mechanical lift to vertically adjust the seat. Below are some examples of desk chair bases.

F&N Desk Base Options


Drawer Glides (click to see more)

Drawer GlidesDrawer glides are the mechanism that allow drawers to open and close. The specific type of drawer glides determine the appearance, and how your drawers open.

There are three main drawer glide options. The first is standard or full extension, then side or under mount, and standard close or soft close.

Full extension glides are now standard on most pieces we sell, leaving under, side mount, and soft close for your consideration.

Pulls and Knobs (click to see more)

Drawer Pulls - KnobsDrawers and doors come with standard knobs and pull hardware, but do have¬¬¬¬†alternative options available to better suit your style.

Dozens of different styles, colors, and shapes are available, and if you don't like what we offer through our builders, you can send us your own hardware purchased elsewhere.

The image below shows a small portion of what is available from our Scwhartz catalog.

High or Low Footboard (click to see more)

Bed Footboard optionsYou may choose between a high or low footboard on our beds. Beds are pictured with high footboards which are included in the base price.

High footboards give the bed a fuller and grander look, but does increase the price of the bed.

For a reduced price, you may elect to go with the low footboard, which gives the end of the bed a more open and possibly cleaner look.

Storage Rail (click to see more)

cheyenne storage rail

Some beds are available with optional storage rails that add drawers under each side of the bed.

This is a great way to add more organizable storage space without using additional floor space, and can be used in place of an extra dresser.

Choose between a three and six drawer configuration for each site, to give you a total of six or twelve drawers.

You could use plastic storage under your bed, but that just wouldn't be as classy now would it?


Mirror Back

HutchesAdd a mirror back to the inside of your hutch to create a unique effect to make your hutch look more elegant.

A mirror allows more light to bounce around inside the hutch to make the glass doors, shelves and objects within it look brighter and have more depth.

Most hutches are standard with a wood back for a simple and classy look.

Buffet / Sideboard

Henderson-BuffetOur hutches are two piece, consisting of an upper cabinet which can be removed from the bottom buffet, also known as a sideboard.

The option is often available to only purchase the buffet or sideboard version of a hutch, by not including the upper cabinet.

It usually costs a little more than half of the hutch the purchase only the buffet.

Touch Lighting

Touch LightingAdding touch lighting to a hutch truly enhances the look by adding warmth and depth, especially when combined with a mirror back and glass shelves.

The touch lighting system comes pre-installed so all you have to do is plug it in. Activating the lights is done by touching one of the upper right door hinges.

Door Glass

Hutch Glass OptionsA variety of glass options are available to customize the look of the doors by adding sophistication and intricacy.

Depending on the hutch, different effects can be done to the glass itself, as well as etching, adding a bevel, and metal designs.

A popular glass effect is antique, seedy, and water effects which each bring more character to the piece.

Open or Closed Deck

Most hutches are available with the option of an open or closed deck.

An open deck, (pictured right), has an open area in place of full height doors. The open area can be used as an easily accessible work or display surface.

With a closed deck, (pictured left) the doors are full height, leaving more shelf space behind the door and a seamless look.

Open or Closed DeckOpen or Closed Deck

In this video, Darlene shows several options available on the Legacy hutch, which are available on most hutches in our line.