Dining Chairs: Wood or Upholstered Seats

Wood Seat

Standard Wood Seat

hand upholstery covering

Hand Cut & Installed

The ability to customize our Amish furniture is really what sets it apart from the competitors.

Many different looks can be achieved from customizing the same dining chair model, and changing the seat from wood to upholstered is where the magic happens and where you get the most bang for the buck.

Wood seats are standard on the majority of dining chairs in the line, with the exception of a few chairs such as the Ashley chair.   Otherwise, upholstery is an option upgrade available on most chairs.

With over 200 different upholstery options available, from fabric, to leather, to eco-cotton, no two chairs have to be alike.

Additionally, we allow customers to select and purchase upholstery from 3rd party sources.

If you let us know which pieces you want upholstered, we will be happy to provide total square yardage required to upholster your order.

This is a great way to match existing pieces you own, or to get a perfect match to your interior decor.

Upholstery is securely attached to the seat by artfully wrapping it under the edges of the wood surface, then stapling it into place on the bottom before the seat is attached with screws to the chair frame.  It’s easy to remove the seat to have the chairs re-upholstered later down the line if a change or repairs are needed.

Upholstered Seat

Upholstered Seat

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    I have an older table and chairs set in my kitchen. I would like to replace the cushions on the chairs, they have snaps on the bottom and back. Can you give me any information where I could get new cushions?

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