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The 6 Careful Steps This Family Took to Choose Their Best Dining Room Furniture

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

by Vicki Nemeth
Want to know how to shop for Amish furniture? Ask Dennis and Sharon from Nebraska.

Hampton Trestle Dining Table and Abilene Dining Chairs in a combination living room dining room with sofas and a fireplace

Hampton Trestle Dining Table
Abilene Dining Chairs
Both in rustic hickory with Acorn stain

Their testimonial letter starts with, “Since we have purchased other Amish pieces over the last 15 years and had never been disappointed in the quality of craftsmanship, we were not apprehensive about ordering online.” With that much experience, they’re clearly Amish furniture fans.
When they decided to buy a dining set for their open concept living room and dining room, they knew exactly how to find the best pieces. The search didn’t start with us, but they ended up here because they did their research. Here are 6 important steps they took to make their home’s best match in Amish dining room furniture.

  1. Start shopping early
    Buying heirloom furniture is a major decision, so Dennis and Sharon didn’t take it lightly. “We had shopped for an Amish dining room set for about 6 months at several local Amish furniture dealers and also online,” they write. Starting to shop early gives you time to make careful decisions about your style, including viewing color samples. After you choose, Amish builders make each piece as it’s ordered and can take over eight weeks. Delivery for handcrafted furniture is also a careful process.

  2. Know your style
    Say Dennis and Sharon, “We knew the style we wanted so it was quick and easy to make comparisons.” They already had a lot of wood statement pieces in their farmhouse-country home. What’s more is their living room had rounded edges on the upholstered furniture. Traditional-style furniture would match with the living room, but they had to avoid going full rococo in order to match the farmhouse decor.
    This rustic hickory Hampton Hutch is ready for farmhouse decor with a nearby living room, plush chicken dolls, butter churns, and of course, the good dishes.

    Hampton Hutch in rustic hickory with Acorn stain

    Starting to shop early came in handy here. The time they spent made it possible to learn about the traditional style, manufacturers, and the name of the Hampton line. Then they could shop around.

  3. Search the web
    Internet searching makes shopping around fast. Browsing both in person and online helped Dennis and Sharon decide that an understated traditional style was their best match. As soon as they knew the word “traditional,” they were able to type that in and browse until they found out that the furniture they liked is called Hampton. Searching “Hampton” put numerous offers in front of Dennis and Sharon, and from there they could compare everyone’s prices.
    That’s where we came in: “Amish Furniture Factory’s price was significantly less than any other local or online dealers and made Amish furniture affordable,” they say.

  4. Use your imagination when purposing furniture
    Because this dining room shares space with a living room, Dennis and Sharon chose this sofa table instead of a sideboard.

    Hampton Cabinet Sofa Table in rustic hickory with Acorn stain

    More than just a dining room, Dennis and Sharon’s space contains a living room. So they may have considered a sideboard, but instead they chose the Hampton Cabinet Sofa Table, which fits perfectly behind their sofa. Remember not to hold yourself back with strict rules about handcrafted furniture. Get what you will love to use in your home.

  5. Call customer service
    Another benefit to starting to shop early is you will have enough time to ask for customizations. After all, it is handcrafted furniture. Unlike mass-producing factories, craftspeople’s methods leave room to add the individuality you need to perfectly suit your home. This includes custom measurements, shelving, or finishes like two-tone or weathering.

    A sample of hickory with Acorn stain. Dennis and Sharon chose rustic Hickory, which would have the same color but more dark knots and pits on the surface.

    If a piece of furniture is almost exactly what you want, it’s a good idea to call the office to mine the staff for knowledge. Say Dennis and Sharon, “Laura was very helpful, communicated well and reviewed our order several times for accuracy. Stain samples were sent to us and we could customize the furniture.” Many pieces of furniture have options beyond what are listed on their webpages. You never know what customizations could be possible if you would just ask.
    It’s almost always the right choice to have physical wood and stain samples shipped so you can view them with the lighting you intend to use in your space. This takes time too.
    Finally, it’s important to make sure you got your order right. Buying Amish furniture is a commitment and you wouldn’t want to get all hyped up only to be delivered the wrong furniture. We’ve corrected orders after shipping before, but re-shipping and waiting all over again is quite the hassle!

  6. Choose white glove delivery
    Just do it. If you’ve just bought Amish furniture, it’s worth the investment to get professionals who will carry it all into your house for you and put it together in the right places. Right now it’s only $30 more than curbside delivery and it will save you the work of lifting and the risk of damaging your hardwood furniture and your house.
    Here’s why white glove delivery was the best choice for Dennis and Sharon: “Communication on the delivery date was great and delivery was right on time. We chose the white glove option for delivery. The delivery man was excellent. He was friendly, clean, well-organized, and did his job in a very professional manner. He showed us how to open the table and store the leaves and made sure everything was to our satisfaction.”


Viewing this dining set from the other side shows that it matches with furniture that's visible in the doorways to other rooms.

Hampton Trestle Dining Table
Abilene Dining Chairs
Both in rustic hickory with Acorn stain.

After 6 months of shopping, Dennis and Sharon were pleased with their order. “Upon examination of our new dining room furniture, we found it to be handcrafted in the manner that we always expect from the Amish. It is a beautiful set. We would definitely order through Amish Furniture Factory again and highly recommend them.”
Have you ever bought anything that had to be so perfect, you spent months shopping for exactly the right item? Let’s talk about it in the comments.


Why a Maker Still Wants Amish Furniture

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Geri and Daniel got these Royal Mission Dining Chairs to match the table Daniel built himself. The chairs are solid oak with a clear coat finish:
Dining room with six dining chairs around a table, various buffets and display cabinets.
“I was extremely nervous about ordering my Amish furniture from an online store. For this reason, we ordered Amish furniture from a brick and mortar store with disastrous results. But because we so much wanted Amish chairs to go along with the beautiful table my husband made, we decided to give an online store a chance.
“After searching the internet, I called Amish Furniture Factory. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the furniture as well as your willingness to make sure we got the exact furniture we wanted. The entire transaction was done very easily with prompt communication throughout the process.
“In fact, the furniture was delivered earlier than promised. We are so pleased we will most likely order another piece of furniture in the near future.
Geri from California”

New Jersey Kitchen Gets a Smooth New Pantry

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

“My experience with purchasing my pantry with Amish Furniture Factory could not have been better! I appreciated the guidance provided while making my decision. Receiving samples of the stained wood was very helpful with matching the color to my kitchen.

Broadway Mission 2-Door Pantry Cabinet in quarter sawn white oak with Michael’s Cherry stain

“The delivery was a little earlier than first stated even though I ordered over the holiday and it was custom built. Even the delivery all the way to NJ went well, the driver kept in touch so I’d know when he would arrive and was prompt. The pantry was delivered in perfect condition.

Mary's pantry cabinet has eight shelves that slide out like drawers.

Mary chose the option for 8 rollout shelves.

“I absolutely love the pantry; it holds so much food. The quality is 10 out of 10!
Mary from NJ”

How Pre-planning Holds This California Bedroom Design Together

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Todd from California got his new Catalina Bedroom Set and added a Lakewood Bench and Matison Blanket Chest. In the spirit of his furniture’s smooth brown maple surface and elegant symmetrical curves, he decided to go Art Deco with Dark Knight stain.

A Catalina Bedroom Set in brown maple with Dark Knight stain from Amish Furniture Factory

The bed area of Todd’s Catalina Bedroom Set
In this photo:
Catalina King Bed
Catalina 3 Drawer Night Stands
Lakewood Bench (separate from set)

Here’s a note from Todd: “Well, the gorgeous bedroom set made it to us all safe and sound. The two guys delivering it did a great job getting it here and the craftsman absolutely created perfection! We still need to decorate the room and get new bedding but it looks amazing. The pictures make the floors look really red but in person it is different and you can see some of the browns and grays come out of the wood. We are very very happy and it all started with your help… thank you again!”
The Catalina 8 Drawer Dresser in brown maple with the Dark Knight stain from Amish Furniture Factory

Catalina 8 Drawer Dresser (also available in the set)

Pre-planning made it easier for Todd to choose extra pieces with design elements that match the set. By ordering the bench and blanket chest at the same time as the bedroom set, Todd increased his volume discount.

What’s your dream bedroom like? You can leave a comment below.

10 Reasons Why John Only Needs 1 Dining Table

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019
This Double Pedestal Dining Table has all four leaves in for a length of ten feet.—Amish Furniture Factory

Double Pedestal Dining Table in oak with Medium Walnut stain. With all four leaves in, John’s table is 10 feet long.

John is really excited to have his new Double Pedestal Dining Table:
“Laura I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help. The table arrived on Friday and my wife and I are very happy with it the quality and workmanship are excellent and I can’t say enough about how helpful and responsive you were it was a real pleasure dealing with you. Also, I wanted to say how fantastic (the delivery driver) Peter was.
Thanks again
John from MA”

How New Furniture Helps Douglas Display His Antiques

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Two Bel Aire Bookcases in oak with Copper stain from Amish Furniture Factory
Douglas from California chose two Bel Aire Bookcases in solid oak with Copper stain to organize his antique library. The doors contribute to the space’s luxurious hardwood style; by couching the colorful books, they allow Douglas’ grandfather clock to stand out.
Douglas writes:
“I was most pleased by the entire process and the bookcases were absolutely beautiful and the construction and woodworking a bit beyond my very high expectations. Several neighbors have also been simply amazed by the quality.
The Bel Aire Bookcase has two full-length glass doors.—Amish Furniture Factory
“Lastly, the delivery fellas were terrific, bent over backwards to make sure the last step of the delivery process was perfect, even in the winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe at the time.
Douglas from California”

5 Solid Reasons Why This Couple Loved Shopping at Amish Furniture Factory

Monday, December 17th, 2018

by Vicki Nemeth
Mark and Terri bought a TV stand and a dining set on time for the holidays. Here’s their new Honeybee Mission 60″ TV Cabinet with seedy glass. The poinsettias add a holiday touch.
Honeybee Mission 60" TV Cabinet from Amish Furniture Factory
They sent us a letter detailing 5 reasons why they are happy with both the furniture and their shopping experience, so we’ve turned it into a list. Here is what Mark and Terri have to say, with our added explanations.

    “We had a wonderful experience with our furniture purchase from Amish Furniture Factory.

  1. “The quality of the materials and workmanship in our new TV console and dining room set are amazing.”
    All of our furniture is handcrafted in the USA with solid wood and no particle board. Table tops are at least 1” thick. Mortise and tenon joints hold our pieces together strongly, and dovetails keep our drawers in beautiful condition.

  2. “They matched perfectly with the online photos. They are truly beautiful and have become the focal points of our home.”
    Arts & Crafts Trestle Dining Table and Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory

    Here are Mark and Terri’s new Arts and Crafts Trestle Dining Table and Chairs. They also got matching bar stools.

    We know that online shopping can be a nightmare with thousands of made-in-wherever brands popping up every year. But we’re personally involved in the business of finding you the best furniture for your household. That’s why we’re a Better Business Bureau accredited business operating out of Fairfield, Iowa, and our manufacturers’ workshops around America are so close to home, some customers have even managed to visit.

  3. “The sales representative was very helpful and answered our questions. It was nice to have someone with whom we could discuss the purchase options.”
    Running a small business means we interact with our product. It means the same people gain more understanding of our furniture, year after year. Further, by fostering an understanding and working with craftspeople, we can imagine what options and even what customizations are possible. All you have to do is give Laura a call.

  4. “The volume purchase discount was a significant incentive in our purchasing decision. It made it worth purchasing the TV console and dining room set together rather than in separate orders.”
    We only require a 30% deposit on orders over $1000, plus we have scaling percent discounts based on the size of your order. Check out the savings in the table below:

    Price % Discount
    $1000 2%
    $2000 3%
    $3000 4%
    $4000 5%
    $5000 6%
    $6000 7%
    $7000 8%
    $8000 9%
    $9000 10%
    $10,000 11%
    $15,000 12%
    $20,000 14%


  5. “The delivery person was accommodating and adjusted the delivery to meet our schedule. He was skilled in the assembly and setup of our new furniture. I highly recommend the extra fee for the white-glove service, it was worth every penny.”
    It’s luxury furniture, and we want to treat it well. We also want to keep your deliveries secure from theft.
    Whether you choose white-glove or regular curbside delivery, they’ll call you to set up a delivery appointment so you can be there. White-glove has the added service of our delivery team doing all the lifting and set-up inside your home.

From the web search to the delivery, we made sure to provide Mark and Terri with the best customer experience we could. And it’s worth it when they say things like this:
“This was a five star purchasing experience.”

How Helping Your Parents Shop Online Creates a Solid Bond

Monday, December 10th, 2018

I’m at my mother’s for Christmas and finally getting to see the Classic Corner TV Stand we ordered. It’s beautiful. Mother wanted me to email this photo and let you know how pleased she is with it. Thanks again for all your help. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season.

Amish Classic 48 & 56" 2 Door Corner LCD TV Stand

Why Buying Amish Furniture on the Internet Is More Ethical Shopping

Friday, December 7th, 2018

by Vicki Nemeth
Econo Dining Chair in oak with Wheat stain from Amish Furinture FactoryLynne from Michigan bought some oak Econo Dining Chairs with Wheat stain. Because wood comes from trees that were living and growing in unique environments, even the simplest crafts from solid wood are individualized. North American growing conditions show in the distinguished oak woodgrain of the chair Lynne sent us a picture of.
Lynne’s purchase was small enough to fit in her car, so she wondered how to save on shipping. That’s when we realized that one of the workshops that make the Econo Chair was close enough for Lynne to drive. So she decided to tour Amish country and pick up the chairs herself at a builder’s workshop. Here’s where Lynne tells her story:
I am very satisfied with the quality of the chairs I ordered through you. They are beautifully constructed and finished, and comfortable to sit in.
I found the shopping experience very pleasant. I always got prompt replies to my questions and the chairs were finished ahead of schedule.
Amish tour buggy 
It was great that I could pick them up myself in Shipshewana and save on shipping costs. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for quality furniture.

Econo Dining Chair from Amish Furniture Factory 

Because Lynne chose chairs handcrafted in America, they tell a very human story.
We’re an online shop working with builders in the USA, and it might just be a local drive from where your furniture is made to where you want to bring it home. We can save you carbon and chemicals compared to conventionally mass-produced furniture with their huge shipping and supply chains. We even helped Lynne get a taste of where and under what work conditions the craftspeople made her chairs.
In today’s era of internet shopping, the assumption is that you don’t have to leave your house to buy what you need. But with all the choices you can access at web-based stores, the web opens up a bigger and more interesting world. You could find you have more opportunities to leave your desk and adventure in the real world than before.
Here’s a shot of the Econo Chair from an angle so you can see more of its features. The Econo is a Windsor chair with plain spindles that keep it together in Shaker or modern decor schemes. But it still has contouring in the back and a small scoop in the seat, adding twenty-first century comfort to this design classic. For a handmade chair, it may be inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean cheap.
Have you ever gone on a trip to buy something special and unique? Let us know in the comments below.

How Online Shopping Won This Couple the Best Curio Cabinet for Them

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Prarie Mission Curio Cabinet in oak with wheat stain from Amish Furniture Factory
Robyn got a Prarie Mission Curio Cabinet for her New Jersey dining room. For her finish she chose wheat stain on oak. Windows all around and top to bottom gave Robyn the freedom to fill her cabinet with character. Check out Robyn’s story.
We could not find a cabinet in the style we liked, in the wood stain we liked, with the dimensions we were looking for, until we came to Amish Furniture Factory.
Then we were able to customize the cabinet for our space and purpose. Laura, you were so patient and helpful. You always responded promptly to any questions or concerns.
Thanks again,
Robyn from New Jersey