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Amish Finland Bed for better sleep

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Choosing a new bed frame is something secondary to others but it can be just as important as getting the right mattress when it comes to the quality of your sleep. The perfect size of bed for your bedroom size, the support it provides, the height for convenience, and the materials it is made up of. Vonnie ordered king size Finland Bed in oak with FC-47869 Indigo stain.

Hello! Thank you for the wonderful service in delivering my bed! The two gentlemen that arrived to set it up for me, were extremely kind, respectful, and courteous! The bed I ordered is a stunning peace and I couldn’t be happier! I chose the oak wood with an indigo finish and a low sleigh footboard. It is as solid as it is beautiful. It was tough to choose with so many customizable options! I highly recommend ordering from this company! Thanks again! 

Vonnie from Michigan

Testimony from Better Business Builder’s website where we have an A+ rating

Friday, May 5th, 2023

“Our (Latonia 3 Door) curio cabinet is beautiful. The materials and

workmanship are outstanding. It is a solid piece of furniture, and I

would not hesitate to order from them again.

Charlie from Florida”

100% Satisfied

Monday, May 1st, 2023

There is no standard when it comes to selecting your dining chairs, it is all down to personal preference. While there is nothing wrong with a perfectly matched dining table and chair set, some might consider it a bit too formal. Just remember the style you are trying to achieve. We at Amish Furniture offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. Jean ordered Adams Dining Chairs, Sheridan Trestle Dining Table in oak and Acorn Dining Chair in brown maple all with FC-N3176 Malaguania finish.

I am 100% happy with my oak chairs and matching table. The maple dining chairs are even more lovely.  I elected white glove delivery and the gentleman unboxed everything and brought everything into the house just fine.

 Jean from Monterey, California

Norwest Mission Pantry Cabinet

Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

There are so many considerations before one decides on a piece of furniture, the design, the quality, where to order, the price … the list is never-ending. We are very glad to hear about Sherry’s experience buying from us.

I received my Amish Furniture Factory cabinet recently. I absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier.  I had originally looked into getting custom cabinets made by a local cabinet maker for my bedroom/bathroom remodel.  The quote was very expensive and I wasn’t happy with how it went so I started searching for ready-made furniture. I wanted to buy furniture made in the USA if at all possible. Something told me to try Amish furniture because I had heard how well-made it is. I found Amish Furniture Factory on the internet and began searching their catalog. I found the Norwest Pantry which would fit very well in my space. I am actually using it in a clothes cabinet. I corresponded with Laura who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I was able to get a sample of the Ebony black stain on brown maple which Laura recommended.  It has just a bit of wood grain which shows thru and I like the way it looks very much. It is so sturdy and well-made. All the doors and drawers open and close perfectly. It has touch lights at the top which is a nice feature. I was able to take advantage of the customization options for shelves and drawers, knobs, glass, etc. It was ready and delivered in the time frame I was told. It was all very well organized and communication was clear all along. The white glove delivery was very reasonable and well done. The delivery people were polite, and professional, and did a great job. I am extremely happy with my purchase and it was far less than custom cabinets would have been and has more features, plus hopefully, it will stay in my family for many generations.  I highly recommend Amish Furniture Factory.

Review for: Norwest Mission Pantry Cabinet- Brown Maple with Ebony stain

Sherry from California

Solid Amish Excellence

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

My wife & I hadn’t purchased furniture in at least 25 years. We own high-quality, solid wood pieces going back to the 1970s. With our children grown, we wanted a queen size bed for the second guestroom to replace the twin beds which have moved on to their homes.

          When we went to “high-end” furniture stores we were appalled at the quality decline in the industry. Veneer over MDF (a glorified particle board), even exposed MDF “out of sight” on the footboard against the mattress and headboard against the wall. Gently push on the headboard in these stores and 95% of them will wobble 1 or 2 inches.

          On the way home, I commented “we need to find the Amish, they won’t cut corners” I went to a few websites, some of which are high-pressure “act now” sites before finding Problem solved!

          We picked three candidate beds and I phoned Laura, she is very knowledgeable, a consummate professional, and easy to deal with. She readily answered questions about the number of support slats and posts, how they anchor to the side rails, connecting hardware, and more. We hoped to have the bed in place for guests at Christmas. Laura spoke with the different craftsmen for each candidate. She couldn’t guarantee it but thought they could meet that time frame. We ordered the bed on August 16, 2022, and received it on December 19th! The delivery team was friendly, professional, and punctual, and handled the pieces with care.

           Earlier in my life, I built some of our furniture. As a result, I know what to look for. The stain was meticulously applied — no streaks or overlaps. The finish coats are flawless – no waves, ripples or driplines. The oak was properly dried, dead straight, and precisely cut, edged, and fitted. Even the pocket screw channels and support slats are sanded finish-grade smooth so as not to tear any fabric. Mounting hardware is exactingly fitted so that the connection of side rails to the head and footboards is seamless. With assembly completed, you couldn’t move the headboard with a sledgehammer. Solid Amish Excellence.

          Discard your fear of buying online without touching and inspecting the finished product. These gentlemen and ladies, and their furniture, are the real deal.

Joe from Georgia

Chairs to Match Your Antique Table

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

I love my Soho dining chairs. They match my antique oak kitchen table perfectly. They are so solid and beautiful. They will last a lifetime!

I had a great experience with ordering them. I was first able to order the sample stain chips so that u could choose the stain that perfectly matched my table.

Thanks, Vivienne of Bainbridge Island, Washington

There’s nothing wrong with a perfectly matched dining table and chair set but you can try mixing to give your set a more personal touch. Just look for a theme that will add true consistency to your dining room. There are endless possibilities with our Amish chairs, it is about time to give your dining room a new mood. Vivienne ordered Soho Dining Chairs in oak with FO-Medium Walnut stain.

Kitchen Convenience

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

A good Pantry Cabinet should be conveniently located at or where food is prepared. Everything in the pantry should be seen immediately for smooth flow and easy access. It should be possible to remove items without moving others around. It should be designed to make preparing food always fun. Lori of NY ordered a Lux traditional 4-Door Pantry Cabinet in oak with FC-12010 Wheat. Make sure to check our Pantry pieces that will cater to all your kitchen needs.

We absolutely love our oak pantry.  It is more beautiful in person.  It looks great in my kitchen.  I am so glad we made the choice to order it.

Lori of Staten Island, NY

Pieces Designed to Last a Lifetime

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

With a family growing through children getting married and having children of their own, we were looking for a dining table that would fit our needs which included not only providing a nice dining set for just my husband and myself but also for when our family comes to visit.

We went to many furniture stores and everything we saw was poorly made. I did a lot of research online since my husband suggested we buy directly from the manufacturer. We settled on Amish Furniture Factory because of the detail of information provided, the selection, and most importantly the ability to be able to actually “design your own dining table.”

We simply could not be more pleased. We did have to wait a considerable period of time, but good things come to those who wait as they say. What I liked best was the personal touch throughout the whole process. We were able to get as many samples of wood and finishes as we liked. That was exceptionally helpful. Immediately we could see that I finished product was going to be exemplary. Which it is. It is exactly what I wanted. Our table can be as small as we like with the ability to extend it to comfortably fit our whole family.

Amish furniture factory kept in touch with us throughout the process of waiting for the dining set. When it was delivered with the utmost care by the way by two fantastic gentlemen. It was assembled in our dining room and we were just so pleased.

We look forward to a lifetime with the standing table and being able to pass it on to our family. The whole experience was fantastic and we just simply could not be more thrilled.


Debra & Gunar of Yarmouthport, Massachusetts

Worth the Wait

Thursday, January 12th, 2023

We at Amish Furniture Factory take pride in successfully delivering quality furniture pieces to customers, it is not simply selling an item it is about client satisfaction above all. Susan ordered Iron Forge Storage Cabinet in brown maple with FC-97599 Boston, to match her other furniture pieces.

Here are her exact words:

I am so very pleased with my new cabinet I had you make ….. to match with my existing dining table and chairs and taller cabinet.   The wait time seems forever, but they say ……… good things are worth waiting for.  😉

The customer service was excellent from questions, to ordering, to updates.   Thank you very much!

Susan of Wahington State

A Wonderful Experience

Thursday, January 12th, 2023

Sharon was able to make her purchase from us without any hassles during the online process. Her Adams dining room set is made in hickory wood with Chestnut stain and has fabric-upholstered chairs. We take delight in fulfilling our customers’ wishes. Thank you for sharing your shopping experience.

My custom-made dining set was worth the wait! It turned out exactly as I requested. My expectations were met and I would not hesitate to recommend Amish Furniture Factory to my friends and family because of the wonderful experience I’ve had with them. The furniture we got from them is not only beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit on its also extremely high quality.

Sharon of Champlin, Minnesota

Adams Dining Set, Chairs with fabric seat (16-10 Multi)
Adams Dining Set