Customer Testimonials

Dining Set For Your Limited Space

Sunday, April 21st, 2024

I would be pleased to write a review of our purchase as we have been very satisfied with the entire process, and I appreciate the cookbook offer.

We made a kitchen pantry cabinet purchase and were so pleased with the quality that we returned to purchase a kitchen table and two chairs. We have a California mid-century with limited kitchen space, having the options of sizes in addition to wood choice allowed us to find the perfect fit and style for our kitchen.

Additionally, corresponding with the company was pleasant and efficient. Their delivery was well coordinated and delivered by just the nicest guy!

We highly recommend Amish Furniture Factory.

Michele & Neil from Concord, CA

Liven the Dead Space in Your Living Room

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

In a living room, a sofa table is intended to be placed against the back of the sofa. A sofa table not only converts dead space into something functional, but it also often binds an entire living area together, making it appear planned and intended. Designers believe that sofa table décor should vary in size, complementing the table without being overpowering. A modern sofa table should be tall enough to stand out while remaining low enough to sit behind the sofa. Our experts recommend placing a sofa table one inch below the frame of the sofa.

Excellent table and solid craftsmanship. Would definitely purchase other pieces. Professional delivery with garage service.

Thanks again

AFF Set The Bar High

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

After purchasing two gliders for my wife and myself to rock our twins to sleep, they both fell apart as they were purchased from a less-than-industrial toy store that shall remain nameless 🙂

However, some important points to my story are that when we bought the first round of gliders, they came with the standard springs that were placed within a cut-out of the main board used to hold the seat cushion. I suffer from back issues and needed to place a piece of plywood under the seat cushion to remain comfortable for more than 5 minutes. Also, both gliders began squeaking within weeks of regular use, causing the ability to rock our kids to sleep to be rather troublesome. However, I did fall in love with the glider-style chair, as we never had them before. But our babies became toddlers, the chairs became jungle-gyms, and thus both gliders have now moved on to glider heaven. So, in search of a new glider to replace the sub-standard version we started with, I came upon Amish Furniture Factory (AFF). Now at first glance, it seems like your basic furniture website, but I am writing this review to tell you about 3 VERY important components that may not seem as forthcoming from just glancing at the homepage.

First, AFF has options. When looking at their rocking chair or glider options, they have well over 100 styles, and that’s only for two chair models. Cushions and hardwood and colors, oh my! It seems that the limit to their options reaches the sky… Ok, enough with the rhyming. But seriously. I was very picky about what I specifically wanted (hardwood arms, not cushions that my toddlers could destroy, etc…), and it was very easy to find multiple chairs that would fit my needs. Also, they have free samples of both wood and materials that allow you to see what it would look like in your space. I visited a couple of furniture stores in town, and they had chairs in stock, but there was no way to know what the colors would look like under non-fluorescent lighting, and if it matched my current color palate of my home. They shipped the samples right away, and it was easy to figure out what fabric and color I wanted to go with.

Second, these suckers are HAND-MADE! In a world that’s driven by Amazon and IKEA in the need for simple, cheap and shippable dressers and end tables, most of what you’ll find around your friend’s homes are particle board furniture that is not very sturdy or high-quality. When I ordered this chair, it took 4 months to get delivered, but that’s what you get if you want hand crafted, attention to detail and built to last a lifetime furniture. Now when we talk shipping costs, you have to take a minute to catch your breath. This is not your amazon prime free version that shows up in 2 days, but you get what you pay for. And I must say… one of the coolest parts of this process is that it shows up already assembled and ready to go. In a short and to the point statement, it’s worth it. The driver even called me more than once to confirm the delivery time and date. They brought it into my house, set it in place, and violá! It was ready to go.

Third, but definitely not last, is their customer service. I do not like communicating via emails. Texting is even worse. What gets lost in the breakdown of communication is voice inflection. When I called, I spoke to the most LOVELY woman named Laura. She calmly walked me through my options, sent me the samples, then took my order over the phone to make sure it was right. I had to do that to guarantee that my request to NOT have springs mounted in the seat board was entered correctly. I wanted a flat, hard board underneath the seat cushion. I know… not normal, but extremely important for my order. She then followed up with an email to make sure the order arrived, and even called again to make sure I was happy with my order. The only thing that I care when looking for a company to work with is their customer service, and AFF set the bar for anyone looking to see how it’s done.

Summary: Tons of chair options, and I found a design I loved. Incredible craftsmanship that will last until my kids need to rock their grandchildren to sleep. Customer service that is proven through constant communication and follow through.

If you’re thinking about buying a chair, go through Amish Furniture Factory. Ask for Laura, and tell her Lucas sent you 😉

Lucas from Oregon

Upgrade Your Sleep Game with Our Bedroom Furniture

Sunday, September 3rd, 2023

Having things in your bedroom that are comfortable, supportive, and well-made can assist in creating a relaxing space where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life. Good quality furniture encourages better sleeping posture and can also aid in enhancing circulation, resulting in a higher overall quality of sleep. Begin your search with comfort and support in mind, as well as durability and superior design, and you will be able to find your perfect bedroom furniture.

As you can see from the pictures our furniture is beautiful. It also arrived earlier than we expected so that was a great surprise. We were color-matching our dressers and thanks to the samples you sent us the color is perfect. The delivery crew was very professional and careful. We are extremely pleased and give you a full score. We would definitely order from you again.

Shari & Don from New York

Exactly The Bench I Was Looking For

Sunday, September 3rd, 2023

The right outdoor bench upgrades the look of your garden or patio and adds cozy seating at the same time. A spot to enjoy some quiet time outside, a good outdoor bench is beautiful and durable. An outdoor bench can make a beautiful garden look even more beautiful.

I bought two outdoor benches to complete my newly landscaped garden. They are exactly what I was looking for.

The quality is excellent and I received them exactly on time.

Very satisfied with them.

Amara from California

  I Found Me … My Glider Chair

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

If you are thinking of getting yourself a present, visit our site and start looking for that one chair for you.
Gliders can be more comfortable than rockers, has sleek and modern appearance and various style to choose from, has wide seating and recline option. We all need a seat that will relax us after a long day. Just like Barbara we make things easier for you to decide what to get.

Bow Arm Slat Swivel Glider Wood: Oak with FC-N3173 New Carrington stain Upholstery: C2-13 Red Roses Fabric/Faux leather seat and back

It was a great experience. Everyone was very kind and helpful throughout the process. I appreciated samples of fabric and wood to help me make my decision and match it with my other furniture. It all happened in a very timely manner and I was kept informed of the progress accurately. The delivery process was efficient and Roman (who delivered the chair) was polite, courteous and careful. He was extremely helpful and professional, and cleaned up everything afterwards and answered any questions.
The chair itself is beautiful and comfortable, moreso than I imagined.

I appreciate doing business with you!

Barbara from Minnesota

48″ Modesto Cedar Chest

Saturday, August 5th, 2023

Why cedar? Cedar is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay.

Cedar wood is use to line closets and chests, as its pungent aromatic oils are believed to discourage moth and carpet beetle larvae, which can damage cloth by eating wool and similar fibres. This is more effective in a properly constructed cedar chest, since the oils are confined by shellac and leather seals. A well-sealed red cedar chest will retain its pungent odor for many decades, sometimes for over a century.

Here at AFF you have so many choices for the perfect blanket chest with cedar bottom just like our client, Marina.

We absolutely love our Modesto Cedar chest!  At 48″, crafted of quarter sawn oak with a copper stain, it’s everything we wanted: Spacious enough to hold all our quilts and blankets, beautiful enough to be part of our bedroom ensemble, and incredibly well made.  I can’t speak highly enough of the craftsmanship.  The customer service was phenomenal, too.  We received samples of the stained wood and any questions we had were answered promptly. Earlier than expected delivery, too.  Five stars!

Marina from California

Boulder Creek 6′ Bookshelf

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Before choosing on what to buy, think about how big you want this piece of furniture to be and how much space you have. There are numerous bookcases available; choose the look you prefer while keeping quality in mind.

We looked at numerous manufacturers and furniture stores to find a unit to fit a particular space in our home. Nothing seemed to meet our vision so we began looking at “custom” furniture makers and found the Amish Furniture Factory online. We found a style that we liked and after studying the options, selected the “Boulder Creek 6′ Bookshelf.” The unit comes with 10 shelves and we added glass front doors, custom decorative inlays, and custom stain. The time to build was lengthy but in line with all the custom manufacturers we contacted.

Boulder Creek 10 Shelf 6′ Bookcase in oak with QS FC-7992 Asbury with Plain Glass Doors

The quality of the unit we received was simply outstanding. It has all the aspects of a showpiece that would be welcomed in any home. I doubt we would ever find a more perfect solution for our purpose and the turnkey price for the basic unit, customizations, (on-time) delivery, and in-home setup made us very pleased with our selection. We would highly recommend the Amish Furniture Factory to anyone seeking a high-quality furniture piece for their home.

Pat and Mike from Texas

Old Classic Sleigh Bedroom Pieces

Thursday, July 6th, 2023

I love the Amish Furniture Factory! The company is easy to work with. Emails are addressed quickly, telephone calls are answered – by a person! I got all my questions answered before I even ordered. I received stain colors in the mail to make sure I was making the correct choice for my furniture. I wasn’t, by the way, and changing the choice of stain was easy as an email. All this great service, and I haven’t even told you about the furniture, yet! The furniture, oh my, the furniture is exquisite quality. From the look and the feel of the wood to the strength of the drawer boxes, the smooth glide of the sliders, and the firm handles, this furniture harkens back to a time when furniture was made by hand, with great care. This quality of furniture can last for generations. In a throw away culture in which we live, this furniture be passed down to my children and their children.  I simply cannot be happier with my decision to go with this company. You all go above and beyond, from communication, to ease of ordering to scheduling the delivery to the magnificent product, you have created something wonderful. The Amish Furniture Factory is fantastic!


Patti from California

Shaker Furniture Pieces for my Bedroom

Saturday, June 24th, 2023

We ordered Shaker furniture for three bedrooms through Amish Furniture Factory over the course of two years. We are 100% satisfied with the quality of the furniture and the online ordering process. In our experience, Amish Furniture Factory was reliable, responsive, and professional without exception.

All the best,


Greg ordered two Shaker 10 Drawer Dresser with mirrors and 4 Panel Bed built-in QS White Oak with FC-113 Michaels Cherry stain, and soft close under mount drawer glides.