Dining Arm Chair vs Side Chair Option Comparison

Each dining chair model can be customized in several different ways which we will discuss in the post.  The base model of a dining chair starts out as a side chair (no arms) and a wood seat.

Arms can be added to a side chair to make an arm chair, which are ideal for positioning at the heads of the table.  The below pictured Beaumont Dining Chair clearly illustrates the difference between an arm chair (left), and a side chair (right).

The primary benefits of an arm chair are added strength, durability, and comfort, while aside chair maintains a cleaner, simpler look.

All of our arm chairs are designed to be compatible with our tables so the top of the arm clears the bottom edge of the table skirts, allowing them to be fully pushed in under the table for better space efficiency.  However, this is only true when the dining chair name and table name match.

 Dining Arm Chair vs Side Chair Option Comparison

Beaumont Arm Chair (Left)                                             Side Chair (Right)

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