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9 Home Library Design Tips to Get You and Your Kids to Read Books

Friday, October 19th, 2018

by Vicki Nemeth
Ivelina from New Jersey got two new solid oak bookcases to create the perfect reading space for her kids.

Two bookshelves and a couch

Rosemont Bookcases in oak with copper stain

While she found the right bookcases here, she made a lot of careful decisions to make the books appealing to her kids. Read on for tips on designing an appealing home library for kids and the family to share.

  1. Give books an important place in the home
    First, Ivelina’s mindset made reading a priority. She writes, “We were looking for good quality bookcases for our living room so that our kids will have easy access to their many books.”
    She gives books status by designing an entire room around them. The two large shelves surround a sofa and pictures. The heirloom quality of the bookshelves make them more than “just something for the kids,” it makes the kids’ books, and the kids’ work to build their futures, part of the family.

  2. Provide good lighting for reading
    The couch in Ivelina’s living room is facing at least one window, which you can see reflected off the wall art. The room is bright during the day and makes a great reading spot.

  3. Offer comfy social seating
    Ivelina’s reading room has at least one large sofa for one person to stretch out or for a few people to read together. The other sofa or loveseat is on the next wall on the right angle, so readers can look at each other.
    Rosemont Bookcase in oak with copper stain from Amish Furniture Factory

    These shelves store books at the right heights for the right kids.

  4. Keep age-appropriate books within easy reach
    This reading room stabilizes the bottom shelves with big picture books, while storing junior novels and reference books up higher. There is also a small shelf in the corner (not ours) to keep early readers at eye level for small kids.

  5. Leave room for your kids to grow their book collections
    These shelves are not completely full, because this family is not finished adding more books to its collection. Leaving growing room on your bookcases is functional, but it’s also stylish because you can…

  6. Add visual interest with varied shapesWoodgrain sample of oak with copper stain from Amish Furniture Factory
    These bookshelves are not just blocks full of books, they’re more exciting for kids to look at. Some books are standing up straight, and some are stacked on their sides to form bookends. Some are leaning on angles. Some items are not books. And there is plenty of negative space showing the visual appeal of the wood. Which reminds us to…

  7. Have fun with colorful style
    Red sofas with grey accents are a bold choice that’s perfect for a kids’ space. The books, games, and small shelf are colorful, and the copper-stained oak woodgrain looks like an awesome design.

  8. Unleash your inner child with seasonal decor
    An artificial cat made of tinsel


    Ivelina’s tinsel cats stand in such expressive poses you can almost hear them meow. They add more color and more interesting curves to the room. And those jack-o’-lanterns’ smiles sure are welcoming around Hallowe’en.

  9. Bookshelves are for more than just books
    The living room is a place to socialize, so have fun with board games, marbles or anything else that you and your friends can stretch out and play on the carpet. Adding variety to your bookcases can draw more attention to them, and consequently, to the books.

Following these 9 ideas, Ivelina wins at creating this literate living room that’s more than just a book nook. She continues writing:
“We were very happy to find online the Amish Furniture Factory, from where we ordered 2 bookcases. The craftsmanship is excellent! The customer service and the delivery service met our expectations! What I like about the website is the variety of choices to match my personal taste. Great thanks to everyone who made these beautiful bookcases part of our home, we enjoy them every day.
Ivelina, NJ”

This Texas home recovered from Harvey. Then they found the perfect bedroom set…

Monday, October 15th, 2018


Satellite View of Hurricane Harvey, August 25, 2017

Satellite View of Hurricane Harvey, August 25, 2017

On August 27, 2017, with the remnants of Hurricane Harvey dumping 55 inches of rain on our hometown of Dickinson, Texas, our home was inundated with 16” of flood water. We experienced extreme losses with the majority of our possessions, including all of our furniture! After several days, turned into weeks of removing wet furniture, appliances, clothing, files, cabinets, flooring, sheetrock and insulation, we decided to allow our thoughts to drift to recovery plans.
We knew that it would be a number of months before our house would be completed to the point of taking delivery of furnishings. But for therapy, we decided to shop around for furniture. There was a local (3rd party) store, in Houston, running a sales promotion on their name-brand adjustable beds. If after the purchase of one of their beds, the Houston Astros won the World Series, they would credit you the purchase price of your bed, or give you a 150% percent in-store credit. So we went and checked out the beds. They were nice! While we were there, we decided to look at their collection of Amish-made furniture. (My wife and I had for a number of years considered handcrafted, solid wood Amish furniture, but had only gotten as far as on-line “window-shopping”.) Well… we absolutely fell in love with the Ensenada style bedroom set.

We offer the Ensenada Bed, and the full set

The Ensenada, with its smooth lines, rich grain of the Sap Cherry wood, along with the contrasting brushed nickel hardware, was impeccable. We took plenty of notes and pictures, as we put together our bedroom wish list. We decided to take our chances and purchase the adjustable bed. We had to take immediate possession, so we stored it with a “non-flooded” family member. We continued to watch as the Astros proceeded to win throughout the playoffs, and to our good fortune they won the World Series!
Knowing that our in-store credit, at the Houston store, while wonderful, would not be enough to purchase our entire wish list, I began to comparison shop on-line and found Amish Furniture Factory. After a quick search, I found that they had the identical Ensenada style bedroom furniture. I initiated an account and started a “working copy” order. To my delight, I found that a seasonal discount was available, as well as an additional volume discount. As I searched the AFF website, I discovered that a number of options were available for several of the individual furniture pieces (that were not available at the 3rd party furniture store in Houston). For example, a dresser without a mirror, a larger chest of drawers, as well as a cedar chest and file cabinet were all available in the Ensenada style. In February of 2018, I placed an order for several pieces of the Ensenada furniture.

The Sliding Door Armoire is one of the most unique pieces in the Ensenada line

The next day, I received a call from Laura, at AFF, to discuss the details of my order. I explained that my home had been flooded and that I was attempting to match the furniture that I had won from the 3rd party store sales promotion. Laura was quite helpful in discussing wood types, stains and hardware. I provided her the wood type and stain name and had a picture of the hardware I was attempting to match. Laura was diligent at working with me over the next few weeks to achieve a furniture match. She provided me with a stained Sap Cherry wood sample, the stain name and manufacturer’s product number and part numbers for the brushed nickel hardware. Upon comparison of the wood sample to the actual furniture, it appeared we had a very good match.

Here’s a view that shows the chest of drawers

In June of 2018, our home was finally complete enough to take delivery of our furniture. I called to let Laura know and she gave me details of my delivery. We first took delivery of our 3rd party furniture, and within a few days, our AFF furniture was delivered. As can be seen in the photos, the furniture was a perfect match! We couldn’t be happier with our Ensenada bedroom furniture. A big thanks goes out to Laura and the Amish Furniture Factory for helping make our recovery a pleasant experience.

Why You Should Talk to Laura About Every Furniture Order

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Linda from Montana found this Arts & Crafts High Buffet and had it customized into a dining room entertainment center. The wood is cherry and the custom stain is FC-15743 Briar. But she had more changed about this buffet than the color. Have a look while Linda tells the rest of the story:
This HC Arts & Crafts High Buffet has customizations that turn it into an entertainment center—Amish Furniture Factory
“I was in the process of remodeling my kitchen and had found the perfect two-tone tall table and chairs and needed a stereo/media cabinet to match. I found a beautiful tall buffet on the Amish Furniture Factory website that was the perfect width but there were two things that I wished were different. The darker stain color I needed was not listed as available and I needed two wooden shelves instead of one glass shelf.
“I e-mailed Laura and she helped me solve both problems! I was able to find out the exact stain from the other company and Amish Furniture Factory obtained it and the furniture matches beautifully. They also were willing to replace the glass shelf with two wooden ones and drill cord holes in the back for me.
“I am so happy with my new furniture! The quality is far superior to anything I had found shopping at furniture stores. Laura was wonderful to work with and she was responsive and communicated every step of the process from order through delivery. I highly recommend Amish Furniture Factory.”

This Cherry Dining Set is Well Put Together for Fall

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

There’s endless variety in handcrafted furniture. Anna mixed and matched this Ouray Dining Table with the Kenwood Dining Chairs to create her own gorgeous dining set. The wood is rustic cherry with coffee colored stain. The upholstery is faux leather in Asbury.
The Ouray Dining Table and Kenwood Dining Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory
The Ouray’s plank top is built to last at 1 3/8 inches thick. Here’s a picture of the set in another light:
The Ouray Dining Table and Kenwood Dining Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory

How Customer Service Got Sarah The Right Table for Her Dining Room

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

“It was such a pleasure to work with Laura at the Amish Furniture Factory. We purchased the Jacoby Plank Dining Table, which is absolutely beautiful.

Jacoby Dining Table in cherry planks with Tawny stain from Amish Furniture Factory

Sarah’s Jacoby Table is in cherry with Tawny stain and its standard plank top

“Laura worked with me over the course of a few weeks, helping me to select a table and stain. My emails and phone calls were always responded to quickly, providing me with the information I needed.
“I knew throughout the process that the table would be beautiful, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that it went beyond my expectations. The quality of the wood and the workmanship are extraordinary. We are extremely happy with the table and would not hesitate to order furniture again from the Amish Furniture Factory.

How This Real Vacation Home Went Country With Handcrafted Furniture

Friday, June 29th, 2018

“Laura, our furniture arrived at our vacation home in perfect condition and we are thrilled. We just love the table with the beautiful butterfly leaf and the 6 chairs. We have received many complements and hope to order a similar one for our (main) home.
Thank you, Carol Lynn”

Dining table and chairs with two-tone finish from Amish Furniture Factory

This dining set has a two-tone finish.


This Real Home’s Fourth of July Idea for a Dining Table

Monday, June 25th, 2018

The Dillings got this new dining set in solid oak with New Carrington stain. Their Mason Double Pedestal Table has a waterfall edge. The Gatlinburg Dining Chairs have comfy saddle scoop seats with a roundover edge. You can see the seats of the bar stools in the background of the Dillings’ patriotic photo:

Mason Double Pedestal Dining Table and Gatlinburg Dining Chairs and Bar Stools in oak with New Carrington stain, from Amish Furniture Factory. Mini jar bouquets with daisies and American flags run along the center of the oblong table.

To see our Mason Double Pedestal Table while it’s still in stock, click here. For the Gatlinburg Dining Chairs, click here.

The Dilling Family is proud to own this beautiful dining table, chairs and bar stool. Working with the Amish Furniture Factory was easy, there was continued communication throughout the building process. The result is better than I could have imagined.

How This Whole House Got Handcafted Furniture

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Marie sent us note and three pictures from her purchase that almost furnished her whole new house. So let’s enter Marie’s welcoming home:

Midway Mission Bench in Oak with Malaguania Stain between an outside door and the top of a stair banister with a picture hanging above

Midway Mission Bench in Oak with Malaguania Stain
Click here to see more indoor benches

Says Marie: “We are still settling into our new house, but I wanted to send you some pictures and tell you how happy we are with our purchases from Amish Furniture Factory.

“My favorite is all of the cherry we purchased for our living and dining rooms.
This sofa table is up against an indoor horizontal railing over a stairwell. FVA8157 FVST-WL West Lake Open Sofa Table – Cherry w/Baywood Stain, D527 Blk hardware from Amish Furniture Factory

West Lake Open Sofa Table in Cherry with Baywood Stain, D527 Black hardware

“We also really like the Bungalow bedroom furniture we ordered in quartersawn oak:
The Bungalow Bedroom Set has squared off silhouettes and exposed mortise joints. The bed can have a very high paneled headboard. From Amish Furniture Factory

Our catalogue photo of the Bungalow Bedroom Set

“I’ve owned a number of pieces from some of the top furniture manufacturers and I can honestly say none of them compare to the quality of the pieces we purchased from AFF. Great attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and all solid wood!
Marie's cat likes the Mission Display Bookcase in cherry with Baywood Stain from Amish Furniture Factory.

Mission Display Bookcase in cherry with Baywood stain, and a cat.

“The fact that I had so many options—from style to wood to finish—I couldn’t ask for more. And your white glove delivery was second to none. Many thanks for making this purchase so rewarding.”

In total, Marie purchased eleven pieces of solid wood furniture! So we’re glad it’s rewarding.

How Heavy Square Furniture Pieces Gave This Living Room a Luxurious Look

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Dale got two Diamond Sofas in quarter-sawn white oak. Copper stain and Crimson upholstery combine to create a luxurious look:
The Diamond Sofa from Amish Furniture Factory has bare solid wood arms and outer back, with upholstered seat, inner back, and inner arms. Dale has two facing each other around a coffee table, with coasters on the handy arm rests. 
Dale wanted to let us know, Love my new furniture from Amish Furniture Factory! Easy people to work with helped me every step of the way! I would definitely use them again!


This Idea for a Functional Coffee Table Is Big and Romantic

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Mary from Texas got this Amish Trunk with Flat Lid for her transitional country living room. The trunk is in oak and stained in Acorn. Read on for Mary’s thank-you.
Amish Trunk with Flat Lid in oak with Acorn stain being used as a coffee table in the midst of living room upholstered living room seating—Amish Furniture Factory
We love our new trunk. The workmanship is terrific and ordering wood samples helped us choose just the right color. Many thanks.