48″ Modesto Cedar Chest

Why cedar? Cedar is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay.

Cedar wood is use to line closets and chests, as its pungent aromatic oils are believed to discourage moth and carpet beetle larvae, which can damage cloth by eating wool and similar fibres. This is more effective in a properly constructed cedar chest, since the oils are confined by shellac and leather seals. A well-sealed red cedar chest will retain its pungent odor for many decades, sometimes for over a century.

Here at AFF you have so many choices for the perfect blanket chest with cedar bottom just like our client, Marina.

We absolutely love our Modesto Cedar chest!  At 48″, crafted of quarter sawn oak with a copper stain, it’s everything we wanted: Spacious enough to hold all our quilts and blankets, beautiful enough to be part of our bedroom ensemble, and incredibly well made.  I can’t speak highly enough of the craftsmanship.  The customer service was phenomenal, too.  We received samples of the stained wood and any questions we had were answered promptly. Earlier than expected delivery, too.  Five stars!

Marina from California

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