Boulder Creek 6′ Bookshelf

Before choosing on what to buy, think about how big you want this piece of furniture to be and how much space you have. There are numerous bookcases available; choose the look you prefer while keeping quality in mind.

We looked at numerous manufacturers and furniture stores to find a unit to fit a particular space in our home. Nothing seemed to meet our vision so we began looking at “custom” furniture makers and found the Amish Furniture Factory online. We found a style that we liked and after studying the options, selected the “Boulder Creek 6′ Bookshelf.” The unit comes with 10 shelves and we added glass front doors, custom decorative inlays, and custom stain. The time to build was lengthy but in line with all the custom manufacturers we contacted.

Boulder Creek 10 Shelf 6′ Bookcase in oak with QS FC-7992 Asbury with Plain Glass Doors

The quality of the unit we received was simply outstanding. It has all the aspects of a showpiece that would be welcomed in any home. I doubt we would ever find a more perfect solution for our purpose and the turnkey price for the basic unit, customizations, (on-time) delivery, and in-home setup made us very pleased with our selection. We would highly recommend the Amish Furniture Factory to anyone seeking a high-quality furniture piece for their home.

Pat and Mike from Texas

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