Wide Selection of Styles and Superior Customer Service

Amish Furniture Factory was one of several online Amish furniture stores that I reviewed when looking to purchase a new dining room table.  I chose Amish Furniture Factory above all the rest because of their wide selection of furniture styles, plus wood types and stains, their assistance with receiving wood and fabric samples, and probably most of all, for their superior customer service.

Cynthia from New York

Rochester Double Pedestal Dining Table built in cherry with FC-N3173 New Carrington stain
Avalon Dining Chairs
built in cherry with FC-N3173 New Carrington stain and R1-75 Nutmeg upholstery

If food is what draws people together, then the dining room table is without a doubt the heart of the home. The dining table is the heart of a house, a location that sparks conversations, forms alliances, secures relationships and creates memories. Well-organized and placed dining room sets elicit an emotional response. You begin to imagine meal times with friends and family and secretly yearn to experience meal times with friends and family. A warm, appealing, and cozy dining room table may make a significant impact in the home’s décor as well as the link between family members. A dining room table, without a doubt, can make a huge difference in the vibe of a home, and one should consider investing in one.

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