Excellent Design and Craftsmanship

We are extremely pleased with our entry table!  The craftsmanship is excellent as well as the design – it will surely last for years.  I appreciate the time that your craftsmen spent matching the wood grain to ensure a balanced appearance.  I also want to note that your delivery partners provided courteous, exemplary service!

Jim from Oregon

The fundamental purpose and design of a sofa table is to be placed near or by a sofa, which means picking a table that will fit the length and style of your sofa. The optimal height is just below or equal to the height of your sofa. It should also be long and slim so that it seems and looks like an accent piece for your living room. Because the sofa is the anchor and focal point of your living room, you simply want a table that complements it rather than overpowers it. Many couch tables can be constructed with additional storage, such as drawers or shelves for blankets, extra pillows, or periodicals. Despite the fact that there are numerous designs, the ultimate concern should depend highly on how it’ll look by a sofa.

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