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Your kidís eyes will brighten right up when they receive their high quality hardwood Amish made furniture or toy. Kidís feel especially loved when they receive something that is uniquely theirs, made to their size, and will last long enough for them to pass along to their kids and grand kids. Solid hardwood Amish kidís furniture will last for generations and will withstand the abuse of kidís playing on and around the play room furniture or with the toys. Amish Furniture Factory offers many types of childrenís furniture and toys, designed after full size adult furniture pieces, but made especially for a playroom or your kidís bedroom.

In our Amish Kidís and Play Room Furniture category, find great deals on an eclectic line of Amish kidís chairs, coat trees and racks, kids tables, kidsí table and chairs sets, toys, and a few other miscellaneous specialty items such as a folding stool, convertible cabinet desk, and a charming miniature bench that is quite difficult to find. In our kidís toy category find everything from doll furniture, rocking horses, and trains and transport items such as wooden toy trains. Our Amish doll furniture has been popular items amongst doll collectors to display handmade or collectible antique dolls.

Each piece of Amish kidís furniture we carry at Amish Furniture Factory is hand crafted using select grade natural hardwoods that have been domestically harvested. Our Amish kidís chairs, kidís table, kidís coat treeís and racks, and kidís sets are not only miniaturized versions of the full size adult versions, they have also been manufactured using the same intricate and meticulous process of wood crafting to ensure the greatest quality product is made for market. On these pieces of kidís furniture you will find mortise and tenon joint structures, dovetail drawer joints, dado joints and other similar Old World building and construction techniques. Each piece once assembled is hand sanded and finished with your choice of stain color.

When buying Amish kidís furniture from Amish Furniture Factory, you can buy with confidence in knowing you will be receiving the highest quality product available on the market today. While all of our pieces, including our kidís play room furniture takes time to build, we know all of our customers feel the wait is well worth the time. Once you receive you Amish kidís chair, or Amish kidís table, you will have an item that will last for many years providing your kidís with entertainment and filling your home with charm.