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Exit the confines of your home, take a deep breath, and let the healing powers of natures air, sun, and energy engulf your body, mind, and soul with what the essences of our beings long for the most. The intrinsic peace and healing power of being outside in nature is something that is drastically underestimated, overlooked, and under-appreciated. Being outdoors, outside the cold blank stare of those square boxes we call rooms, is one of the things we all truly desire deep down, and it’s a desire we should all fulfill as often as we can so avoid what we don’t’ want in our lives. Amish Furniture Factory offers you gorgeous Amish lawn furniture to act as an incentive to get you out of the office, out of the TV room, and into the nirvana of your lawn, garden or patio area.

We think we have a way to incentivize and inspire you, your family, relatives, friends, and loved ones to spend more time together in the surrounds of nature with our beautiful, natural, Amish patio furniture and décor items. We have every corner and aspect of outdoor surroundings of your home covered with the many types of outdoor furniture pieces we offer. We offer a large variety of Amish lawn, garden and patio furniture that range in styles, sizes, and material types that will make each respective area of your outdoor oasis a place you will long to be in and around whenever possible.

Understandably so, our most sought after Amish patio furniture pieces are our Amish chairs and bench chairs as they are requisite foundation Amish patio furniture pieces for being able to rest your overworked body, or to sit around together and bond with the important people in your life. No matter was purpose you want your Amish-made outdoor furniture to serve; we have what you’re looking for. Our Amish patio furniture line includes dining and bar chairs, gliders and rockers, basic straight leg chairs, and lounge chairs. The sizes of chairs we offer range in size from two feet wide up to six feet wide for a bench size chair. Many outdoor chairs are available in sizes in between two and six feet wide, depending on the chair model. The common styles that our chairs come in are the Classic High Back, Cutout Heart, Hummingbird, Plan and Rollback, along with a few other Amish patio furniture styles.

Give your Amish lawn furniture and patio chairs a centerpiece to surround with our Amish outdoor tables. We sell a little bit of everything here, too, from full size outdoor dining tables, bar and pub tables, and picnic tables, to coffee and end tables. Our outdoor tables, like our outdoor chairs are available in many styles from single pedestal tables to double pedestal tables, and round, square and oval shaped table tops. If you’re planning on buying a full outdoor table and chair set, we’ve done the work for you by selling pre-matched sets in our Amish Patio Furniture Set category. If you don’t have a porch or patio, our picnic tables are a perfect way to provide yourself with an outdoor dining area since less of a flat surface is needed. Whatever piece you are looking for, we feel confident Amish Furniture Factory can provide you with an Amish patio furniture solution to your outdoor table and seating requirements.

If you like Amish lawn furniture that soothes, check out our Swings and Stands, and our Lawn Gliders category. We all really do still have child like characteristics Monotony and swinging motion that swings provide produces a reliable constant that is comforting and relaxing by giving our brains something to do other than be bombarded by thought. Our Amish swings are available in the same styles and sizes as most of our chairs, except rather than legs, they are hung by two supporting chains from a tree or support beam. Our lawn gliders have neither. These Amish lawn furniture pieces are supported by their own structure which also encloses the seating area making a cozy little nook for which to gather around inside.

The other Amish lawn furniture categories we encourage you to explore are full of additional items for which to decorate and accessorize your garden and lawn. Arbors, lawn ornaments, foot rests and stools, wind chimes, and planter and plant stands are full of excellent Amish lawn furniture pieces you can add to your lawn, garden and patio area to give it more life, character and make your outdoor quarters an overall better place to be.