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Welcome to the category of the carefree, the playful and the fun. In the Amish games and toys category you will find a unique selection of, well, toys and games. What makes our Amish made wooden toys special is that everything is Amish handcrafted, using the best quality hardwoods. Some of our pieces are also hand painted with exquisite detail to add more color and life. Many of our customers buy our Amish toys and handmade games for their children to play with, while other customers buy our Amish toys and games for display purposes.

Our Amish doll furniture, for example, is perfect for displaying an antique handmade doll that has been in the family for generations, or is a great gift for a child to use when playing with a plastic toy doll. The same goes for our Amish rocking horses, toy trains and cars, and even games. While some could even serve a dual purpose of display and play, any of our pieces really can go either way, due to the excellence of quality, detail, and beauty.

The majority of our Amish toys and games are handcrafted with hard oak wood, while others can be built in cherry. Each of these wood types is most readily available in the stain the piece is shown with, but if a customer prefers a specific wood type and stain color, our Amish toy and game pieces can possibly be built in something different. Please contact us if you have a custom wood or stain type in mind, and we will communicate with our builders to see what we can do.

Our Amish toy and game pieces will add a certain lightheartedness to your home that is unmatched by any of our other pieces. No matter what specific purpose you have in mind when purchasing our Amish game and toy pieces, you will know you will have a cherished object of affection that has been beautifully handcrafted that you, your children, and family can appreciate for a lifetime.