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At Amish Furniture Factory, you will find a variety of Amish chests in our chests category. Most of our chests are ideal for the bedroom and living room. Some of the Amish chests ideal for the bedroom, are our chest of drawers, chests on chests, blanket and cedar chests, door chests, jewelry chests, lingerie chests, and mule chests. The living room is also a possible room for our blanket and cedar chests. Our silverware chests are an excellent gift for someone who has fine silverware set. Hand made with plush velor, our beautiful silverware chests are a worthy display or storage is for file silverware.

A chest of drawers is the standard base design of most chests, and is a similar to a dresser and a bureau. The main distinction between a chest of drawers and a dresser is the way in which the drawers are arranged, and the general shape of the piece. A chest of drawers has drawers that typically run vertically within a taller and narrower base, whereas a dresser has drawers running vertically and horizontally within a wider and shorter base.

The variations of the standard chest of drawers base design are the chest on chest, mule chest, and lingerie chest designs. A chest on chest is most similar to the chest of drawer design, except itís built in two pieces, with slightly larger drawers in the bottom piece and smaller drawers in the top piece. Lingerie chests are smaller, narrower versions of the basic chest of drawers which is ideal for smaller clothing pieces, such as lingerie. The door and mule chests are much larger, and elaborate versions of chests on chests, and have varied arrangements of doors and drawers.

Every chest on Amish Furniture Factory is Amish hand crafted using the highest quality, select grade materials available in the United States. Our builders donít use any particle board, nor do they mix hardwoods together in the same piece. Each chest is available in a variety of hardwoods, each of which has multiple stain colors and finishes available.