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Amish Furniture Factory carries a generous line of Amish made mirrors of all types and sizes. Choose from three different main types of Amish mirrors, distinguishable by their shape, and purpose. We offer wall mirrors, floor mirrors, and dresser mirrors.

Our wall mirrors, are all perfect for mounting on a wall above a fireplace mantle, hallway, bedroom, or living room. The wall mirrors are available in shapes and styles ranging from oval, to rectangular and square. Most are either Shaker or Mission style mirrors. A few of our wall mirrors feature a series of hooks mounted at the bottom that turns the mirror into a dual purpose coat rack mirror.

Our Shaker and Mission Style wall mirrors are also an easy way to add a mirror to a dresser without the need to mount the mirror onto the actual dresser. At times, this can be a preferred way to add a mirror to a dresser because itís easy to adjust the height and positioning of the mirror and it is more secure on the wall with being mounted to studs that simply attached at one side of the mirror using brackets and screws.

Mirrors designed for the back of dressers also have advantages over wall mirrors when used with dressers. Many times, itís easy to find the right style of dresser mirror to match the style of your dresser; our Shaker and Mission style dresser mirrors are specifically designed to work with dresser styles.

Because dresser mirrors are designed to go with specific dresser styles, the look can be cleaner and more incorporated that when a mirror is mounted to the wall above the dresser. For this same reason, it can be easier to find the right size mirror for your dresser. The dresser mirrors we offer on this site are all designed with series of specific dressers, which we also sell.

The last type of Amish mirror we offer is the floor length mirror with a stand. Floor length mirrors are long and narrow full length mirrors that stand vertically from the floor. These mirrors make getting dressed and finding the right outfit easy. Our floor length mirrors with stands, like our wall and dresser mirrors, are available in several styles and sizes, and can be tilted from their floor base.