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Amish Hall & Entry

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The entryway and hallway furniture of your home must not be forgotten, as is commonly is! The hallway and entry area of your home is like the main vein that connects each room to another, and carries though it life and oxygen vital for your home. In other words, the look and feel of your entry and hallway area generates a first impression that will directly reflect upon the reaming rooms in your home connected to the hallway and entry area. With a few simple pieces and decorating enhancements, it’s easy and fun to convert your hallway and entry area into one of the most welcome rooms of your home. Remember, first impressions last a lifetime!

Benches are a must for many types of hallway and entry areas, especially if people will be waiting in the area for any duration of time. We sell larger benches with seat backs, or slab style benches with no back. Both types have advantages and trade offs such as space conversation versus comfort and simplicity versus bolder looks. The great feature to adding more seating for you hall and entry area is the seating space can be utilized in any room of the home, such as the dining room, kitchen or bedroom.

The best way to enhance the look and feel of your entry or hall area is by adding a bit of surface space to display art, plants, plaques antiques and the like. Entry tables and plat stands are just the pieces your hall and entry area needs to bring it to live with a fuller and more elegant feel. We sell several types and styles of both entry tables and stands that will fill the needs of your home. We have multi leveled, shelved, or podium styled plant stands and shelves that will fit perfectly in any corner or flush up against the wall. Our entry tables are narrow making them ideal for a small are and typically have a small drawer at the front to store important misplace able items such as keys and wallets.

Depending on the size and dimensions of your hallway and entry area, various pieces of Amish entryway furniture are recommended to make this area more comfortable, warm, and elegant. If you entry area is lacking a closet, or if the closet is over capacity, an Amish coat rack or tree rack is a perfect and simple addition that will make a world of difference in the feel, cleanliness and organization of this area. Coat racks are perfect if you lack floor space and need to conserve room by placing coats flush against the wall. Coat trees have an excellent feel of style of elegance, serve an extremely useful purpose, and can generally hold more clothing articles than racks. Whichever you choose we think you will be happy with the new look that your Amish coat tree or rack provides.

Another great way to organize the hall and entryways of your home is by adding a key cabinet. How many times have you misplaced the keys to your car, home, shed or storage area and wasted lots of time looking for them? Our handcrafted Amish key cabinets will not only add beauty to your hall or entryway area of your home, but will save you time by having a designated spot for your small important items.