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  • Bailey Trestle Table
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  • Barnloft Trestle Table
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  • Barrington Double Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Barrington Single Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Basset Double Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Basset Single Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Bassett Cabinet Table
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  • Batavia Trestle Dining Table
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  • Baytown Double Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Baytown Single Pedestal Dining Table - QUICK SHIP
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  • Bedford Hills Leg Table
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  • Belleville Legged Dining Table
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  • Bellingham Legged Dining Table
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  • Bellingham Trestle Dining Table
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  • Benjamin Trestle Dining Table
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  • Berkshire Leg Dining Table
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  • Bevel Shaker Double Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Bevel Shaker Single Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Bilton Dining Table
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  • Bostonian Trestle Dining Table
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  • Boulder Creek Trestle Dining Table
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  • Bradbury Double Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Bradbury Single Pedestal Dining Table
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  • Bradbury Trestle Dining Table - QUICK SHIP
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Your dining table is the gathering place for your household. Considering that, you need a piece of heirloom dining room furniture with craftsmanship you can rely on.

Why Invest in an Amish Dining Table

Gives a breath of fresh air


Invite a fresh appeal into your dining room with Amish made dining room tables. They are designed differently to help you achieve the dining room of your dreams.

Packed with unique features


The feature common to hardwood dining room tables is the large stained tabletop, shimmering with woodgrain. That is unless a painted surface is best for your style.


Other features common to these Amish dining tables include mortise and tenon joinery for maximum strength. Most of them have thick table tops, too. Unless otherwise noted, all of our table tops are a full inch thick.

Creates a statement


Each table has a table top shape unique to its design: square, oval, and boat-shaped are just a few.


Table top edges need not be simply squared off. Bevel, round over, and chamfer edges are among many options for outlining your table top and adding subtle dimensions. Table bases come in virtually every shape you can think of, including great sturdy trestles, sophisticated pedestals, and elegant legs.

Makes family dinners unforgettable


For entertaining, many of our Amish tables can receive up to four leaves, expanding up to ten feet long. Self-storing leaves stow conveniently inside the table.


For supporting extra weight and opening easily, solid wood table glides are designed to balance your needs. Ball-bearing slides offer smooth, easy gliding action and can expand tables enough to accommodate most households' needs. Also available are robust geared slides, and ultra-strong wooden slides.

Sets the mood for your dining area

Our wood, stain and paint types can result in hundreds of possible combinations. Call us, and you can even order custom finishes. Burnishing gives a table an antiqued look, while a two-tone finish can make your dining room look smart and intentional.


Whatever your home style, heirloom-quality Amish tables provides joy and function that you and your family will love for generations.

Is Your Table Suited For Amish Kitchen?


Amish made tables aren't flimsy pieces of furniture. They are strong anda handcrafted with passion and years of experience.


If you are planning on getting an Amish dining table, consider these details:

1. The material


Amish dining tables, like other pieces of Amish furniture, are generally made of sturdy, solid hardwood. The material can last for years, particularly if it's well taken care of.

2. The style


Amish like being simple. They avoid excessive decoration because it often translates to a frivolous lifestyle. They focus more on sturdiness and durability instead of attractiveness.


However, simplicity does not always mean boring. In fact, a lot of Amish made tables look beautiful. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, modern, or retro look, you won’t run out of options.

3. The quality


Every piece of furniture Amish woodcrafters make, whether it’s for the kitchen or living room, is a product of hard work. There's no such thing as mass-production when creating Amish made tables or chairs. Everything is handcrafted. This guarantees not just durability but quality, too.



What kind of wood is best for dining room tables?


If you are thinking of getting a handcrafted Amish dining table for your home, collection, or showroom, you should look into hardwood like Oak, Walnut, and Hickory. Maple, Quartersawn, and White Oak are excellent choices, too.


Consider this:


The harder the wood, the less chances it'll end up with abrasions and scratches.


This is particularly important with dining tables and chairs. Since they are often placed in a high-traffic area, like the kitchen, they are prone to dings and scratches.


As much as possible, stay away from pieces of furniture that are made from composite wood. Good examples include MDF and plywoods. Compared with hardwood, they aren't as strong.


If you are having a hard time picking the best kind of solid wood, look at the style you want to achieve. If your kitchen has a contemporary look, Walnut and Maple are for you. In case you want a rustic kitchen, choose Hickory. To get a formal appeal, stick with Cherry.

What is the best size for dining tables?


In general, Amish dining room tables come in three basic shapes: round, square, and rectangular. Each shape has different widths and depths.


Among the three, rectangular dining tables are the most common. Their sizes range between 36 inches and 48 inches wide. If you want to have at least 4 people seat, the table should be 48 to 90 inches long.


If you have a smaller group joining you, an Amish dining room table that's about 42" to 54" should be enough. It can seat about 4 to 6 people.


A good rule of thumb to follow:


Try to have 24" to 30" of space per seat. Read more about Amish dining table sizing.

What is the best height for dining tables?


The standard height of dining tables is between 29 inches to 31 inches.


Formal dining tables are around 30 inches in height. This allows guests to comfortably rest their feet on the floor.


There are also elevated dining tables. A counter height table, for example, is around 36" high. This is the same height as a gathering table and a kitchen countertop.


For a relaxed option, a bar height table is good. With its height of 42", you'll find it easy to use when you need to frequently go from standing to sitting position.

How do you match your Amish dining table with your decor?


Choosing the right material for your Amish dining room table isn't the trickiest part. For most people, it's matching old decor with a new piece of dining room furniture.


To make everything match in your kitchen, consider getting flowers with bright and fun colors. They should help lighten the mood for everyone.


Plus, the ambiance they give can greatly help make up for any shortcomings in the interior design.

If your kitchen's theme is leaning towards a rustic look, you can enhance it by adding some planter boxes and mason jars.

How do you maintain an Amish dining table?


For everyday cleaning, it's a good idea to wipe your table with a damp cloth. You can moisten it with warm dishwater or a gentle diluted soap.


To take care of the grain of the wood, you can scrub it to get rid of dust and grime. Remember to do it gently to avoid damaging its surface.


As much as possible, don't soak the wood in water. Wipe it dry with a piece of microfiber cloth after you cleaned a spot.


A few times a year, you can polish your Amish furniture with silicone-free furniture polish. Make sure to pick one that won't change the natural sheen of your table.


To achieve the best results, it's a good idea to allow the polish to sit on the surface of the table for a couple of minutes. After that, you can buff it using a microfiber cloth.