Tips on Maintaining and Caring For Amish Furniture


By Tobin Dimmitt


Tips on Maintaining and Caring For Amish FurnitureIf you want your Amish furniture to look as nice as it did when you first purchased it, you’ll to spend some time maintaining and caring for it. While most Amish furniture is made using high-quality materials and techniques, it still requires the occasional maintenance to preserve its integrity and look. Failing to invest the minimal amount of time and energy necessary to care for your Amish furniture may cause it to look worn, dated and shorten its overall lifespan.


Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals


The number one rule for protecting the integrity of your Amish furniture is to avoid cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals. Many homeowners use the same “all-purpose” cleaners on their furniture as they do on their kitchen counter-tops. You may not realize it, but those same cleaners may strip the protective coating off your Amish furniture, leaving it vulnerable to the effects of moisture in the air. The reason for this is because wood is naturally porous and absorbs the moisture in the surrounding air. After all, that’s how they grow and thrive in the forests. Unfortunately, moisture can take its toll on dead wood, causing it to rot and decay away. To prevent this from happening, manufacturers of Amish furniture add a coat of protective varnish to the surface of the furniture.


Cleaning Amish Furniture


When you notice your Amish furniture gathering dust, you can either use a feather duster or lint-free dusting cloth to remove it. If you plan on using a dusting cloth, make sure to clean with the wood grain and not against it. Going against the grain may cause your cloth to tear, leaving small pieces of fabric stuck in the furniture.

Sometimes it takes a little bit more than just a dusting cloth to clean your Amish furniture. If there’s residue from sodas or food particles left on the furniture, you can clean it off using a damp towel with a small amount of dish soap. Just remember to dry it thoroughly after you’re finished to prevent any moisture from soaking in.




All types of wood furniture, Amish furniture included, will bleach when left in direct sunlight for prolonged lengths of time. If you frequently leave the curtains open during the daytime and the sunlight beams in on your Amish furniture, there’s a good chance that it will change color over time. Some people actually prefer this bleached color but most people don’t. Unless you want the color of your furniture to slowly fade, try to get into the habit of keeping it away from sun exposure.

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