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Amish Lazy Susans

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  • 12 - 16" Lazy Susan with Napkin Holder
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  • 12 - 16" Lazy Susan with Rail
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  • 12" - 22" No Rails Round Lazy Susan
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  • 15" Hickory Lazy Susan with Napkin Holder
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  • Kitchen Utensil Lazy Susan
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  • Large End Grain Checkered Lazy Susan
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Amish Lazy Susans are an excellent way to add a touch of convenience and charm to your dining room table or kitchen counter. Amish Furniture Factory offers several tabletop lazy susan variants that will easily fill the niche requirement of your dining room décor and style setting. If you are after a more contemporary styled lazy susan, check out our 12 and 16” Square Lazy Susans with no rails. The Square Lazy Susan is a very simple, clean, and sharp looking wooden lazy susan with no design embellishments or extras.

Moving down the scale to a more traditionally adorned wooden lazy susan that has a few more design enhancements is our Oak Mission Lazy Susan, Cherry Mission Lazy Susan, and our While Oak Lazy Susan. Each of these models is also square shaped in design, but features three rails on three sides of the tabletop lazy susans with a napkin holder rail on the fourth side. The rails and napkin holder maintains its simplicity with a clean Mission look.

The next in line is our 12 and 16” Lazy Susan with rails and napkin holder. Round in shape, these wooden Lazy Susans also feature rails and a napkin holder done in a more traditional design. The remaining pieces within our line of lazy susans are more traditional in design and style. You will find lazy susans in the shape of hearts, or those that feature napkin holders in the shape of hearts and apples.

If you are ordering an Amish dining table and chair set, it’s a great idea to accessorize your set with a few extra goodies to give your table even more life and beauty. Our tabletop lazy susans are not only a great accompaniment to our dining tables and chairs, but can be ordered with other dining or kitchen accessories such as our bowls, cutting boards, bread boxes, veggie bins, and other great kitchen or dining room accessories. The benefit of adding a lazy susan or other accessory pieces to a dining room table and chair set is the perfectly matched wood and stains colors across all pieces, and you will be adding full and homey feeling to your dining or kitchen environment.