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Amish Holders & Display

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  • 2-Tier Antler Chandelier
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  • 24-48" Shaker Shelves
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  • Aspen Mission Shelf
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  • Cane Stand with Canes
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  • Deluxe Mission Shelf with Hook or Peg Option
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  • Double Recipe Box
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  • Fireside Rustic Cordless Table Lamp
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  • Fireside Rustic Flat Log Candle Holder
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  • Fireside Rustic Floor Lamp
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  • Fireside Rustic Post Tea Lights
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  • Fireside Rustic Slab Shelf with Pegs
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  • Fireside Rustic Table Lamp
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  • Fireside Rustic Towel Bar
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  • Fireside Rustic Wall Lamp
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  • Floor Lamp Table
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  • Floor Lamp w/Shelf & Lambskin Shade
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  • Floor Lamp with Shade
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  • Glacier Country Table Lamp
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  • Glacier Country Floor Lamp
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  • Homestead Floor Lamp
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  • Homestead Table Lamp
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  • Ironwood Lamp with Lambskin Shade
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  • Kaiden 6 Tier Organizer Shelf
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  • Ladder Shelf
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Our Amish Holder and Display category is full of many practical hardwood items that will help you organize and clean the clutter in your home. Find many types of organizational pieces for the living room, dining room, kitchen, or hall and entry area. The various shelving products we carry are perfect for the living room. Each shelf can be mounted to a wall and can be used to display a full array of treasures, from letters to collectibles, to memorabilia.

In our Holder and Display category, you will find all kinds of wall mounted display shelves, including mantles, shelf-racks, shelves with rails, shelves with pegs, multi level shelves, wall mount letter holders, and shadow box shelves. Also find a selection of miscellaneous display and holder products such as wall mount letter holders, napkin holder, bookends, quilt frames, toilet paper holder, and more.

You may want to consider what you will be displaying when choosing a shelf from our selection. The first factor to consider is size. How large does your shelf need to be to first, display the quantity of items you have in mind, and two, what is the amount of wall space available to accommodate your shelf? Rather than buying one very large wall mounted display shelf and taking up one side of a wall in a room, consider purchasing two or three medium or small sizes shelves to spread throughout the room.

This technique works well for a couple of reasons. First, not as much weight will be placed in one area on your wall. If you are displaying a large shelf with many heavy items, it is especially recommended you spread weight. Also, the room you are installing shelves in may look more balanced and less cluttered by splitting up the distribution of items to be displayed across one or more walls. This works especially well for plate display shelves. Some of our wall mounted display shelves have pegs installed at the bottom of the shelf, making them a hybrid shelf rack. If you plan on hanging decorations from your shelf, you have another factor to consider for shelf placement and distribution.