Only at Amish Furniture Factory!

December 16th, 2021

There are two things that every customer, like Carol, seeks in a furniture purchase – one is quality and the other is service. She was so happy with the end result on her Saratoga Dining Side Chairs purchase from Amish Furniture Factory.

We absolutely love our Amish-made table and chairs.

The quality is noticeable as soon as you walk into the room. We would not hesitate to order from the Amish Furniture Factory again.

Laura was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and even after delivery was completed.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Carol from New York

Definitely Worth It!

December 16th, 2021

Bedroom furniture is definitely a big investment. And because Sage wanted the best to create a chic and soothing feel, she conducted a lot of research prior to buying her dream solid wood bedroom set.

She was so impressed with her shopping experience that she did not hesitate in recommending Amish Furniture Factory to those who are still on the hunt for quality heirloom furniture.

I am thrilled with my new bedroom furniture; I bought the Martoga style full-size bed, nightstand and chest of drawers built in brown maple with Asbury stain.

The drawers are incredibly sturdy, the drawer front is screwed to a drawer box with thick wood and dovetail joins at the back of the drawer; it is solid!

I selected the soft close under mount drawer glides that are invisible unless looking up at the underside of the drawer. The bed is also put together with heavy duty hardware. I can see why Amish built furniture lasts for generations.

I mentioned that the drawer front is screwed to a complete drawer box because the builder put the wrong hardware on the chest of drawers. The hardware I wanted is attached with screw holes that are a different spacing than the hardware the builder had installed. It is easy to unscrew the drawer fronts to send them back for the correct hardware. Meanwhile, while I wait for the drawer fronts to come back, I still have a fully functional drawer.

Amish furniture is worth saving up for.

The furniture is heavy because it is real, solid wood. I have never had furniture that was so well built. I wish my whole house was furnished with Amish built furniture.

The white glove (in home) delivery was well worth it, the furniture is heavy enough that you need two strong backs to move it.

Sage from Iowa

The Search is Over!

December 16th, 2021

No one can deny the richness, charm, and warmth that solid wood furniture brings to any part of the home. However, Kevin soon realized that finding high-quality wood furniture demanded a lot of research and shop visits.

His search finally took him to the Amish Furniture Factory site and was enchanted with the heirloom-quality look of Bedford Hills Leg Table and Sheldon Dining Side Chairs.

He is so proud of his dining set and would like to put the limelight on the whole ordering experience:

Shopping with the Amish Furniture Factory was great!

Christine was helpful with my selection, and very patient, as I take a long time to make permanent purchases like this one.

The price was good and the terms were great as well.

I look forward to completing the set with the rest of the chairs!

Kevin from Alabama

The Amish Experience!

December 16th, 2021

Michael had been scanning multiple local furniture shops in his area but wasn’t able to get that perfect piece for his books. Just when he was about to give up, the answer lay at the tips of his fingers with finding Amish Furniture Factory!

The search was finally over when he chose the eye-catching Artesa 10 Shelf Double Wide 6′ Bookcase with Baywood stain which is built with rustic cherry. This gorgeous furniture becomes a family treasure and the entire ordering experience was too good not to put forth a recommendation:

We ordered this awesome bookshelf online from Amish Furniture Factory.

We couldn’t find anything we liked from the stores in our area, but AFF had so many great options.

They even sent us samples ahead of time so we could see the different wood and stain options. They communicated with us regularly so we knew exactly what was going on and when we would get it.

They delivered it and set it up right where we wanted.

I highly recommend Amish Furniture Factory.

Michael from Illinois

Unsurpassed Amish Furniture Pieces!

November 26th, 2021

Dorothy is a repeat customer. She loves every detail of her orders – from her Mission corner bookcase up to her picture-perfect classic 50″ Pie Safe with 7 Drawer & metal inserts doors. Built from brown maple and coffee stain, her furniture will be a well kept treasure for years to come. Here are her short but very heartwarming words:

I have has three successful purchases with Amish furniture online. In each case, the sale was handled professionally. The quality of each piece is unsurpassed.

Dorothy from Florida

Custom Made Bookcase – the Amish way!

November 14th, 2021

High attention to detail, excellent customer care, and great-looking furniture is what Amish Furniture Factory is known for over the years..

Thrilled to make a particular corner of their house spark with authentic pieces, they’ve decided to go for a maple-built book case from the Siloam selection. They thought that the full-length glass doors and Asbury stained piece would be perfect, and it surely is! Here’s what they had to say:

Our experience with The Amish Furniture Factory has been great.

Our bookcase is a beautiful and well-made piece of furniture.

The finish is beautifully done, and we really love the soft-close doors.

We sold our home last year and downsized it to a smaller home. We needed a bookcase custom-made for a specific size space and were thrilled to find someone who could create a custom piece that fits perfectly.

We appreciate your “white glove” attention to detail and your concern that your customers get exactly what they ordered and delivered in a timely manner.

Thank you again for a positive experience.

Don from North Carolina

Perfectly Hand-Crafted Furniture!

November 6th, 2021

It can be discouraging to shop for furniture online with the abundance of mass manufactured pieces and cheap prices, or just not knowing the quality going into the craftsmanship while paying more. Arriving at the online shop of Amish Furniture Factory was a breath of fresh air for Patricia from California, and the results speak for themselves with her words below:

I ordered 4 pieces of furniture. 1 boot bench, 2 end tables, and 1 custom window table. Each piece is handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail. The hardware is the highest quality, and the stain color perfect.

The boot bench is elegantly simple and is precisely what I wanted. The end tables are well built and look very nice with leather furniture. The window table was custom-made from the bottom piece of an armoire. I was most concerned about it because I had no pictures. It is absolutely perfect.

The furniture is of the highest quality and is unique. The delivery men called ahead, arrived as scheduled, and were very polite.

I will absolutely order further needs from Amish Furniture Factory. You can buy with confidence!

Patricia from California

100% Beautifully Handcrafted!

October 24th, 2021

Lynn places much faith in Amish Furniture Factory for giving a huge order to furnish her bedroom. And she was not disappointed that she did – The Mondovi set is really outstanding! Her orders included hard maple-built bed, 3 drawer night stands, 7 drawer dresser and even a gentleman’s chest – all beautifully made and stained with Michaels cherry. Here’s her Amish story:

We were delighted with the furniture we received.

It is easy to see the beautiful craftsmanship that has gone into each handcrafted piece.

The bed frame was custom made to fit around our self-standing adjustable bed and fit perfectly.

Your customer care people were helpful and courteous. The furniture was delivered and installed without a scratch.

Thank you

Lynn from Idaho

Sleek and comfy chair design!

October 16th, 2021

Finding quality solid wood furniture can be a daunting task. This is what Jesse felt when she scoured internet, but then finally stumbled upon the Amish Furniture Factory site.

From the variety wood type options available, she decided to go with a oak chair, upholstered with genuine black leather. The delight on her face when she received the piece was truly priceless!

Here’s her words of jubilation:

Yes, the furniture is beautiful craftsmanship, is excellently made!

The order takes a while but the wait is well worth it.

You know nowadays you can’t find furniture made of real wood it’s mostly particle board so if you like real wood like me my favorite is oak.

This is the best place to buy it!

Jesse from California

More than just a wooden TV stand!

October 8th, 2021

There’s bad, OK, and good furniture that you can find online. What Deborah found and ordered at Amish Furniture Factory is AMAZING furniture.

She was looking for a TV stand and quickly ordered an oak finish, Sealy stained piece from the well-loved Heritage line. The door glass, slides, and even the knobs were customized to exceed her expectations

Here’s what Deborah says about her experience:

I had searched for a choice for a piece that would hold our TV but fit properly in the space.

All the ones I found were either too long or too high.

I stumbled on the website for Amish Factory. I reviewed the multiple choices available and found what I thought was what I wanted. I did have concerns about ordering online sight unseen.

I contacted you by phone and was delighted to speak to a person who was very helpful but did explain the piece would have to be manufactured and the wait time about 4 months. I placed an order with a down payment.

I received an email when it was ready to be shipped and contacted the factory to explain my concerns that it could not be delivered by semi-truck to our home.

They checked into the plan for delivery and assured me that it would not be a large semi.

It was so refreshing to be able to communicate with a person at the factory and obtain answers to my questions and concerns.

As you can see the piece is absolutely perfect!

I am so happy with the construction and quality of the “TV stand” (it is so much more than that).

I highly recommend Amish Factory for any quality furniture needs!

Deborah from Kansas