How Anyone Can Experience The Amish Lifestyle


By Tobin Dimmitt


How would you like to experience the Amish lifestyle for a day?


How would you like to experience the Amish lifestyle for a day? No, you don’t have to actually convert to their religion and move to one of their communities. If you find yourself in Lancaster, Pennsylvania or another area where a large population of Amish live, you can visit some of their many tourist attractions to experience first-hand just what their life is like. To learn more about some of the many sights and attractions offered through Amish tourism, keep reading.


Where Amish Tourism is Offered


Although most Amish communities throughout the U.S. allow outside guests to come and visit, Pennsylvania and Indiana are known for having a bustling tourist industry. Here, people come from around the country to enjoy Amish food, activities, shopping, art and their historic culture. You can look at pictures on the internet all day long, but nothing compares to actually visiting one of these Amish communities in person.


It should go without saying that Lancaster, Pennsylvania is likely the best all-around location for Amish tourism. If you find yourself in the area, you should definitely spend a day or so to check it out. It’s an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime.


Amish Buggy Rides


If you’re willing to ditch your car for a day, you can take an authentic Amish buggy ride through the country-side. Most Amish communities, including those in Lancaster county, offer buggy ride services to tourists. For a small price, they will take you on a horse-driven buggy across some beautiful sites and scenery. This is a great family-oriented activity that anyone can enjoy, no matter how young or old you are.


Historical Museums


Another popular destination for tourists is Amish historical museums. Here you can learn more about their rich culture, history and how they ended up in some of the large communities throughout the U.S. Lancaster country houses the famous Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, which features more than 40 historic structures on 100+ acres of beautiful land. As you can expect, most of these museums also have shops for you to purchase unique Amish goods and items from.


Amish Tours


To really get a true Amish experience, you must take the time to set up a tour. Old Order Amish Tours is located in Ronks, Pennsylvania and specializes in showing guests around popular Amish locations. You’ll be able to see how they get by without modern electricity, where they live and an overview of their lifestyle.

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