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By Tobin Dimmitt



 Amish Alternative Energy - Amish Furniture FactoryAmish Alternative Energy Sources


Because of their beliefs, Amish communities refrain from accessing or using electricity provided by the municipal power grid. They base their lives around a strict set or rules and principles known the Ordung, which regulates public interaction and behavior with the outside world. However, the Amish have adapted to the times with their own self-sustaining energy sources. To learn more about Amish alternative energy, keep reading and we’ll reveal how they are managing their communities in ways we should all be following.


It’s important to note that the Ordung doesn’t specifically prohibit the use of electricity. Instead, it focuses on religious devotion and independence on individuals in the Amish community. They believe modern conveniences, such as electricity from the power grid, may open the doors to modern devices that take away from their core principles. Instead of freely accessing the convenient power grid, Amish communities generate their own power through a variety of means.




One of the most common types of Amish energy sources is diesel powered generators. Typically, these aren’t used day and night for just any purpose. If a workshop requires electricity to power their tools, or if one of their other businesses requires power, they will use a diesel generator.


Wind Turbines


You might be shocked to hear that Amish communities have been using wind turbines to generate electricity for many years now. Basic windmills are placed in open windy areas, which generates power stored in batteries. These batteries are later used to power everything from tools to lights inside the home.


Water Wheels


Old style water wheels are also still used by a number of Amish communities throughout the country. Just like the ones you’ve seen in pictures or on television, these are large wheels that turn as the water passes through, generating electricity used to power a variety of things. You can still find water wheels used in dozens of Amish communities, but many communities are looking towards more effective forms of energy creation.

Solar Panels


The last type of alternative energy source used by the Amish is solar energy. This is a recent trend among their communities but is quickly gaining popularity. Large photvoltaic cells are placed on the roofs of houses and churches to collect and harness the sun’s energy. It’s completely natural, self-sustaining and effective for generating power. The only downside to using solar panels is the extra work required to set them up.

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