The Fenmore Bar Stool or Dining Chair

November 14th, 2017


The Fenmore Dining Chair is available as a bar stool or a swivel bar stool too. The bar stool is available in 24 or 30” seat heights, with or without arms. We’re showing these bar stools with a two-tone finish. The seat is in New Carrington stain and the frame is in Ebony stain. If you’re looking for a custom finish for your chairs, give us a call.

The Top Four Unhealthy Chemicals Frequently Found in Non-Wood Furniture

November 4th, 2017

Anyone familiar with wood furniture knows that it has many benefits ranging from long-lasting durability to beauty and more. However, what many don’t realize is that true wood furniture also comes with an array of health benefits.


Often, we don’t associate furniture with our health, but the link between health and the items we bring into our homes, including furniture, has received an increasing level of attention from both the scientific and medical communities. The idea that “furniture is furniture” is simply not accurate. Not only does wood furniture last long but as it turns out wood furniture may also help the protect the health of you and your family.


Chemical #1 Flame Retardants

No discussion of health consequences of selecting wood furniture over cheap pressboard or MDF furniture products can ignore flame retardants. Flame retardants in furniture are ubiquitous and sadly have been shown to be, at best, minimally effective.


What was effective, however, was a lobbying campaign to pass laws to place flame retardants into furniture in bedding. The campaign was so successful that now, most people simply take the presence of flame retardant chemicals as a given, despite the fact that flame retardant chemicals have been proven to be harmful to human health.


Yet, the chemicals remain due largely to the notion that they provide dramatic protection in the event of a fire. It is important to note that selecting wood furniture doesn’t necessarily eliminate flame retardant chemicals from the equation. Many all wood furniture manufactures still use flame retardant chemicals in the foam that goes into their cushions.


Eliminating flame retardant chemicals altogether can be difficult, but many believe that flame retardant chemicals are an unnecessary risk and should be avoided. That stated, when you opt for solid wood furniture, you are greatly reducing your exposure to flame retardants. For example, soft fabric couches verses couches made largely from wood, would generally have less flame retardant chemicals in them due to the simple fact that there is less soft material.


A Particular Concern for Children


A major problem with flame retardant chemicals found in non-wood furniture, such as soft couches and chairs is that they don’t stay contained. Studies have concluded that flame retardants, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, can make their way into their surrounding environment, which is particularly problematic for young children and infants. Since young children and infants are spending much more time on the ground than adults and putting their hands and objects into their mouths, they tend to consume much higher levels of PBDEs than adults.


Chemical #2  PCE or Perflourinated Compounds


Unfortunately, PBDEs are not the only chemicals that can leech from cushions and into the environment and ultimately into our bodies. Stain resistant materials have been very popular in recent years due to their obvious benefits; however, these chemicals, such as PCE or perflourinated compounds, have been linked to illnesses including reproductive problems and even cancer.

Air quality is another reason to choose real wood furniture over other options. Real wood furniture isn’t slowly degrading and breaking down, which is exactly what is happening with foam and MDF furniture products.


The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has pointed out that several PFCs used in manufacturing are environmental contaminants. This list consists of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA), perfluorohexanesulfonic acid (PFHxS), perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHpA) and perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS).



Chemical #3  Formaldehyde


Indoor air quality is a complex environmental mixture and as such is not one-dimensional. Many factors contribute to having either good or bad air quality. Achieving good air quality can be difficult and involves taking several steps. One of the most important steps to take is to eliminate items and furniture that are degassing chemicals into the environment.


Many kinds of non-wood furniture can release formaldehyde, which is known to be toxic and can even cause cancer. It is important to note that formaldehyde can also be present in many types of glues and furniture finishes, which underscores why it is so important to opt for the highest quality wood furniture possible.


Chemical #4 Phthalates


Choosing furniture items made with phthalates, often found in flexible forms of furniture, poses a threat to reproductive health and can lower sperm quality in men. Phthalates are a known hormone disruptor and should be avoided. Again, selecting real wood furniture is an easy way to achieve this goal and reduce one’s phthalate exposure.


Issues with Medium-Density Fiberboard

In addition to an array of potential health risks most non-wood furniture is also a poor buy. The reason is that non-wood furniture isn’t built to last. Instead, non-wood furniture is low-quality, manufactured from very inexpensive materials, but represents a high profit margin for the companies that make such furniture.


Furniture found in big-box stores is usually made from medium-density fiberboard or MDF. MDF is not known for being rich in quality but is known for being a rich source of formaldehyde and other chemicals. This engineered wood product breaks down regular wood into fibers. Then those fibers are combined with wax and resin at a high temperature.


The time and money you invest in finding and then buying real wood furniture is time and money well spent. A large percentage of the items we bring into our homes, from non-stick cook wear laced with Teflon to harmful chemicals infused into our future, are making us sick. Many of these chemicals are known hormone disruptors and many can even lead to cancer. Children and infants are particularly vulnerable.


Selecting real wood furniture is an easy way for you to protect both your own health and the health of your family. In the future, many of the chemicals currently found in furniture and other household products will be eliminated either through increased consumer awareness of new legislation. Until that time, it is the responsibility of every consumer to protect their health and the health of their family.

This Couple’s New Bedroom Set Is Just What They Dreamed Of

November 3rd, 2017

Mickey and Lindy’s new bedroom set consists of the Colebrook Panel Bed, with a low footboard, and matching Colebrook Closed Nightstands. They customized the 1 Door 1 Drawer model to have the door taken out but to retain the closed sides and back. The wood is cherry with Natural finish.
Colebrook Panel Bed with low footboard and Colebrook 1 Door 1 Drawer Nightstands customized to have the bottom door removed, from Amish Furniture Factory
Lindy had cheerful comments about both the furniture and the delivery:
The bed and stands came out perfect, we love them. They are just the style and quality that we wanted and having bought from Amish Furniture Factory before we knew we would get a quality product.
The man that delivered them was so nice… he came exactly when he said he would so we didn’t have to wait around all day like most furniture deliveries and he put the bed together for us.
We would definitely shop with you first if we need another piece of wood furniture!
Lindy and Mickey

Human beings run Amish workshops, so if you want your furniture customized, remember to give us a call.

The Ethan Leg Table

November 1st, 2017
The Ethan Leg Table has an optional fifth leg so it can accept 3 or 4 leaves and up to 12 people

The Ethan Leg Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory

The Ethan Leg Table is a Shaker-style table with elegant tapered legs. Unique to most leg Cherry with Baywood stain (code CH FC-12108 Baywood)tables, the Ethan can accept a fifth leg in the center to support three or four leaves. This expands its seating capacity from six up to twelve.
In the video below, Laura is showing this table in cherry with the Baywood stain and three leaves in. Keep watching to see the open table with wood slides. She also shows the bolt that holds the fifth leg under the center. You may remove the fifth leg when you’re not using three or more leaves, but most people leave it in for convenience. Finally, she shows the table in its smallest form, which is 42” by 66” and seats six.

If you want the clean and simple look of a leg table, but you also need to entertain a lot of guests, the Ethan Leg Table can do both.


How Chairs Can Add Contemporary Class to a Traditional Dining Room

October 27th, 2017

Patti just added these Delphi Dining Chairs to her dining set. The chairs feature a steam bent broad panel back with a unique triangular keyhole down the middle. While they’re contemporary in style, oak with Sealy stain makes them a classy statement for her traditional dining room.
Delphi Dining Chairs in oak with Sealy stain from Amish Furniture Factory 
Patti is impressed: “My husband is a woodworker so imagine how difficult it was for him to order furniture online. Laura in the office was easy to work with and made the whole experience delightful. I have to admit we were nervous but when we received our beautiful chairs we were ecstatic. My only regret is that I wish my living room set that I purchased before receiving my chairs were Amish made instead of from China. Lesson learned for the future.”

The Classic Heritage 6 Drawer Small Chest

October 23rd, 2017


The Classic Heritage 6 Drawer Small Chest is a mission-style chest with gilded age accents. Watch the video to see the standard full-extension side mount glides in action. You can also get full-extension soft-close glides, which are great for noisy families. Soft-close undermount glides are also full-extension, and make your furniture look elegant even while you’re using it.
The Classic Heritage series boasts a wide range of chests, dressers, and night stands. For a larger version of the chest in the video, try the Classic Heritage 6 Drawer Grand Chest.

How This Home Creates Mood Lighting with Window Mullions in Cabinets

October 21st, 2017

Jan had a bright idea when she ordered her Victorian 3 Piece Wall Unit. The Sealy stained oak with mullioned windows couches two warm-colored lamps:
Amish Victorian 3 Piece TV Wall Unit with Bookcases from Amish Furniture Factory
The new TV unit put Jan in a light mood:
“I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the entertainment center. It exceeded our expectations in every way! We are enjoying it immensely. The care and attention that you gave to us while we were ordering was exceptional. Not many people these days take the time to ensure their customers are going to be happy with their purchases. You did that with such grace! I also appreciate the designers taking the time and attention to detail to work out the dimensions. The aesthetics of the piece is so important and they did a great job.
I hope in the future we can order more pieces from you. It is wonderful having such quality in our home.
Blessings to you and please pass on to everyone who was involved!
Jan Berger”

The Chelsea Dining Chair

October 19th, 2017


The Chelsea Dining Chair is a luxurious Shaker-style chair with a fully-upholstered design. In the visible wooden frame, the back legs curve all the way up to a rounded headrest, creating a more eclectic alternative to fully covered dining chairs. If you choose arms, they also curve out slightly. We’re showing this chair in brown maple with New Carrington stain and Cashew upholstery.

Today’s Four Most Cutting Edge Uses of Wood

October 15th, 2017

Wood is far more versatile than even most wood lovers realize. The idea that wood can only be used for construction and furniture is definitely not accurate. Innovative thinkers, inventors and scientists are turning to wood for a whole range of purposes, which only makes sense; after all, wood is cheap, renewable and ubiquitous. Wood has been a key part of human civilization since the very beginning and its uses are far from being exhausted. In this article, we will take a closer look at a few cutting edge uses of this beloved natural material. Today, wood is being used in some truly surprising and innovative ways.


Cutting Edge Use #1 – Wood Skyscrapers


Not too long ago the idea of a wood skyscraper would have seemed far-fetched, but in recent years, builders and architects have turned to wood as a renewable way to build all kinds of structures, including skyscrapers.


The Pacific Northwest has become home to many such projects. For example, in the city of Portland, Oregon, a 12-story wood building called Framework is taking advantage of cross-laminated timber to build strong structures out of wood. Building out of wood makes a lot of sense in the Pacific Northwest as the area is literally covered in trees. Once completed this wood building will be one of the tallest wood structures in America. Lever Architecture, which is based in Portland, is overseeing this exciting project. LEVER Architecture is pioneering the development of what they call “mass timber building in the United States and have several projects in the works. LEVER was founded in 2009 by Thomas Robinson who holds a Master in Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.


Part of what makes building with wood so attractive is that a building like LEVER’s Framework works to sequester carbon. By contrast, concrete manufacturing produces large amounts of carbon dioxide. The cross-laminated timber being used is, shockingly, stronger than concrete and has the considerable added benefits of being lighter and possessing a lower carbon footprint. Buildings like LEVER’s Framework might be unusual now but in the near future such buildings may in fact be commonplace. As it turns out, wood has a real future in construction even in the construction of skyscrapers.


In 2015, French architecture made headline when the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper was proposed for Paris, as part of the design competition “Reinventer Paris.” You can read more about it in this CNN article.


Don’t be surprised if you see a “plyscraper” pop up in a city near you.


Cutting Edge Use #2 – Transparent Wood Windows


Transparent wood windows may sound a lot like science fiction, but as it turns out scientists have indeed figured out a way to make wood semi-transparent. Researchers at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology have done what would have seemed to be the impossible by developing transparent wood. Not only is the new wood product invisible, but it is also potentially inexpensive, yet the news gets even better.


As it turns out, the transparent wood they’ve developed is also a good material for solar cells. The semi-transparent nature of the new product means that light could come into a structure while at the same time maintaining privacy. All of this means that we could someday have wooden skyscrapers that also have their own transparent wooden windows! Visit Science Daily to learn more about the new wood breakthrough from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Cutting Edge Use #3 – Wood Batteries


Now, if you are thinking that transparent wood is pretty amazing and unexpected then you’ll love wooden batteries. Wooden batteries would be a fantastic development for the environment. Commonly used batteries contain toxic compounds and heavy metals. Those toxic compounds and heavy metals find their way into our water supply, our food supply and eventually into our bodies. Removing even a fraction of these toxic compounds out of the battery manufacturing process would be a huge win for the planet and people alike.


Researchers at the University of Maryland have come up with a great idea. They have taken wood fibers and coated those fibers with tin. The end result is a small and potentially long lasting battery that would also be environmentally friendly. An additional benefit to wood batteries is that unlike other batteries, wood batteries would be flexible giving them a range of new uses. Stay tuned to see what the future of wood batteries holds. Someday, you could be looking out of a translucent wood window in a wooden skyscraper while holding your cell phone which is powered by a wood battery!


Cutting Edge Use #4 –  Cork is Ready in the Here and Now


While wood batteries and transparent wooden windows may still be a few years off, one of the most cutting edge uses of wood is happening in the here and now. Once overlooked as a building material, eco-friendly and versatile cork is gaining in popularity. Cork has the advanced of being extremely eco-friendly in that cork trees are not cut down after their bark is stripped to make cork. Cork trees can, in fact, be used for up to thirty years.


Many people associate cork with wine bottle stoppers and not much else, but cork has made its way into everything from sound absorption tiles to building tiles and floor tiles and much more. One of the easiest ways to see a cutting-edge use of wood is to buy a cork product. Cork is naturally water repellant, durable, lightweight and of course, eco-friendly. Check out our recent article exploring cork in greater depth.


Simply stated, wood isn’t going out of style. Instead, wood is here to stay and will actually be gaining in popularity. The flexibility of wood is such that there seems to be no end to what wood can do. In the future, we may be using much more wood instead of less and that is a pretty exciting prospect.



This Glazed Finish Looks Understated, But It Hides a Surprise…

October 14th, 2017

Karen got this oak table and chairs finished in a glazed finish in Chelsea gray. The result is a surprising color that still shows oak’s distinctive woodgrain while building a theme around her kitchen backsplash. The upholstery on the chairs is called Storm.
This round pedestal and Brady Dining Chairs are in Chelsea Gray glazed finish and the chairs are upholstered in Storm. But the table has a surprise: the Split Pedestal Dining Table extend from a single pedestal table to a triple pedestal capable of seating 18!—Amish Furniture Factory
The Brady Dining Chairs have an understated Shaker design suited to displaying statement color schemes like this one.
The table also looks minimal, but it has a surprise inside. The Split Pedestal Extension Dining Table has a lean single pedestal as Karen is showing it, but it can open to create a triple pedestal dining table. Depending on your options, this table can seat 18 people, while the closed form is a practical, sturdy little kitchen table.
The Split Pedestal Dining Table looks like a single pedestal table, but it can open to create a triple pedestal table and seat up to 18!—Amish Furniture Factory
Karen is ecstatic: “We absolutely love our table, the finish is unbelievable, we chose the Chelsea Grey with the portabella glaze finish; which has held up phenomenally with our weekly family dinners involving three families. Thank you very much. Laura was prompt and efficient, with either an email or phone call. The table was delivered in the time frame promised. We highly recommend the Amish Furniture Factory.”
Do you have a small family most of the time and a huge number of guests on special occasions? Click to view more pictures of the Split Pedestal Table.