Idaho Customer Happy with the Sleight Bed Seat

April 10th, 2022

Amish Furniture Factory takes pride in what they are representing. The quality of service and every inch of detail in their handmade product speaks for itself. This is why Bonnie was drawn to browse on the showcase of fab furniture online at the AFF website.

She ordered a sleigh bed seat, built-in oak and acorn stained to liven up her room. Here’s what she shared with those who are still on the hunt for their wood pieces.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the bench I purchased from Amish furniture Factory!

I ordered fabric samples a couple times till I found what I thought would work and it is exactly what I hoped for.

It was shipped to my house via a private company and arrived in perfect condition. I had to wait a few months for it to be made and delivered, it was very much worth the wait.

I absolutely love my bench.

Ordering through the Amish Furniture Factory was a very good experience and I will order from them again in the future.

A very happy Customer from Idaho!

Bonnie from Idaho

Oak-built Furniture at Amish Furniture Factory

March 9th, 2022

It is sometimes frustrating to shop online. Often, matching a budget with a good design can be quite a challenge for those who want stylish, quality pieces. Luckily, Maria’s eye for good design brought her to the carefully curated furniture list of the Amish Furniture Factory website.

The vintage look that she wanted for her furniture, she found in thi oak-built Mission TV stand and Barstow Curio Cabinet, both of which were coffee stained. The cabinet particularly stood out to her due to its leaded glass doors and shiplap back.

For those who are needing extra nudge before ordering, here’s what Maria shared:


It was made for me to my liking, color, size, to house my pride trinkets and things.

This furniture will be in the family for generations to come, everyone that sees it knows that it was custom made and they ask whom where the people involved with the making.

The service is unparalleled that I had never experienced, they are always very quick to help, and respond to questions or concerns you may have at any point during or after your interactions with them.

Maria from New York City

MY Pantry Cabinets!

January 24th, 2022

No matter how short the message is, it always matters to us.

This is the reason why we treasure Susan’s message so much after we’ve sent the oak-built Traditional 4-Door Pantry Cabinet and the Traditional 4-Door 2 Drawer Pantry Cabinet.

Susan ordered the cabinets with the custom glass doors and two doors.

Her simple thanks and brilliant smile when her cabinets were delivered are more than enough to make our hearts brim with pride and joy:

These are MY pantry cabinets! Thank you.

Susan from New York

Another Repeat Customer!

January 24th, 2022

You know business is being don right when you keep getting repeat customers!

Russell is one of Amish Furniture Factory’s returning customers. He enjoyed each transaction and was equally impressed with the process and actual product.

His second purchase included the Arts & Crafts Mission Chesser which is built in oak and stained in Michaels cherry.

*Knowledge tidbit: A chesser is a combination of a dresser and a chest*

The coffee table was absolutely perfect. 

The craftsmanship is readily apparent both in the aesthetics and functionality (The top pulls up to be used as a desk and has two small storage cubicles underneath the top). 

In fact, we pull up the top to use as a small dinner table for “movie night.” 

Russell from Colorado

We Absolutely Love our Amish Twin Beds!

January 24th, 2022

Many people prefer sold wood beds. Because not only there is an array of finishes to choose from, they are sturdy, durable, and the natural beauty effortlessly matches any bedroom theme.

However, sourcing reliable wood crafters can be difficult, especially online. This is why Debra was very excited to have found Amish Furniture Factory!

She was able to locate not only the best furniture craftsman but also found the lovely Stick Mission twin bed built in oak.

We absolutely love our Amish twin beds!

They are of the quality that we remember from the early days of furniture making.

Our grandchildren love them and they were well worth the wait! Beautiful craftsmanship, sturdy and so many styles and stains to choose from.

The delivery process was flawless!

Debra from Pennsylvania

Hardware Options for Amish Furniture Factory Customers

January 18th, 2022

Click on the below images to expand the images to view hardware options for each builder.

Quick Navigation

TLA (Townline)
SZA (Schwartz)
LBA (Lamb)
HTA (Hilltop Hickory)
FVA (Forks Valley)
CVA (Crystal Valley)

TLA (Townline)

Townline 1/2
Townline 2/2

SZA (Schwartz)

Schwartz 1/5
Schwartz 2/5
Schwartz 3/5
Schwartz 4/5
Schwartz 5/5
Schwartz WW 1/3
Schwartz WW 2/4
Schwartz WW 3/4
Schwartz WW 4/4


L&N 1/1

LBA (Lamb)

Lamb WW 1/3
Lamb WW 2/3
Lamb WW 3/3


J&R WW 1/2
J&R WW 2/2

HTA (Hilltop Hickory)

Hilltop Hickory 1/4
Hilltop Hickory 2/4
Hilltop Hickory 3/4
Hilltop Hickory 4/4

FVA (Forks Valley)

Forks Valley WW 1/2
Forks Valley WW 2/2


E&S 1/2
E&S 2/2

CVA (Crystal Valley)

Crystal Valley 1/1

Only at Amish Furniture Factory!

December 16th, 2021

There are two things that every customer, like Carol, seeks in a furniture purchase – one is quality and the other is service. She was so happy with the end result on her Saratoga Dining Side Chairs purchase from Amish Furniture Factory.

We absolutely love our Amish-made table and chairs.

The quality is noticeable as soon as you walk into the room. We would not hesitate to order from the Amish Furniture Factory again.

Laura was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and even after delivery was completed.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Carol from New York

Definitely Worth It!

December 16th, 2021

Bedroom furniture is definitely a big investment. And because Sage wanted the best to create a chic and soothing feel, she conducted a lot of research prior to buying her dream solid wood bedroom set.

She was so impressed with her shopping experience that she did not hesitate in recommending Amish Furniture Factory to those who are still on the hunt for quality heirloom furniture.

I am thrilled with my new bedroom furniture; I bought the Martoga style full-size bed, nightstand and chest of drawers built in brown maple with Asbury stain.

The drawers are incredibly sturdy, the drawer front is screwed to a drawer box with thick wood and dovetail joins at the back of the drawer; it is solid!

I selected the soft close under mount drawer glides that are invisible unless looking up at the underside of the drawer. The bed is also put together with heavy duty hardware. I can see why Amish built furniture lasts for generations.

I mentioned that the drawer front is screwed to a complete drawer box because the builder put the wrong hardware on the chest of drawers. The hardware I wanted is attached with screw holes that are a different spacing than the hardware the builder had installed. It is easy to unscrew the drawer fronts to send them back for the correct hardware. Meanwhile, while I wait for the drawer fronts to come back, I still have a fully functional drawer.

Amish furniture is worth saving up for.

The furniture is heavy because it is real, solid wood. I have never had furniture that was so well built. I wish my whole house was furnished with Amish built furniture.

The white glove (in home) delivery was well worth it, the furniture is heavy enough that you need two strong backs to move it.

Sage from Iowa

The Search is Over!

December 16th, 2021

No one can deny the richness, charm, and warmth that solid wood furniture brings to any part of the home. However, Kevin soon realized that finding high-quality wood furniture demanded a lot of research and shop visits.

His search finally took him to the Amish Furniture Factory site and was enchanted with the heirloom-quality look of Bedford Hills Leg Table and Sheldon Dining Side Chairs.

He is so proud of his dining set and would like to put the limelight on the whole ordering experience:

Shopping with the Amish Furniture Factory was great!

Christine was helpful with my selection, and very patient, as I take a long time to make permanent purchases like this one.

The price was good and the terms were great as well.

I look forward to completing the set with the rest of the chairs!

Kevin from Alabama

The Amish Experience!

December 16th, 2021

Michael had been scanning multiple local furniture shops in his area but wasn’t able to get that perfect piece for his books. Just when he was about to give up, the answer lay at the tips of his fingers with finding Amish Furniture Factory!

The search was finally over when he chose the eye-catching Artesa 10 Shelf Double Wide 6′ Bookcase with Baywood stain which is built with rustic cherry. This gorgeous furniture becomes a family treasure and the entire ordering experience was too good not to put forth a recommendation:

We ordered this awesome bookshelf online from Amish Furniture Factory.

We couldn’t find anything we liked from the stores in our area, but AFF had so many great options.

They even sent us samples ahead of time so we could see the different wood and stain options. They communicated with us regularly so we knew exactly what was going on and when we would get it.

They delivered it and set it up right where we wanted.

I highly recommend Amish Furniture Factory.

Michael from Illinois