How a Self Store Dining Table Leaf Works




Many of our tables will accommodate self-storing leaves. Leaves are available with or without leaf skirts, also known as aprons. Leaf skirts continue the skirt that is around the table at its regular size. A skirt better hides the glides under the edge of the table top.


Our tables have different leaf storing abilities. Some tables self-store leaves without skirts but not with. Many of our tables can self store up to four leaves without aprons. Other tables store up to two leaves with aprons and two without.


It’s not the end of the world if the table you want does cannot self store leaves, there are safe ways to store your leaf outside of the table.  Please carefully check the table’s description on the website before choosing a table and leaf options.


To remove the leaves from storage and add them to the table, simply pull the table top open to reveal the leaves, then fit them carefully together before pushing the table ends back against the leaves.  Be sure to insert the leaves into the table according to the numbers written on the bottom of each leaf with the number down.  The leaves a numbered based on the order the leaves were cut from the original (uncut) table top, and this is done to ensure proper fit and grain alignment.


Don’t want to mess around with manually inserting individual table leaves, check out tables with butterfly leaf options.    


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