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Amish Finland Bed for better sleep

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Choosing a new bed frame is something secondary to others but it can be just as important as getting the right mattress when it comes to the quality of your sleep. The perfect size of bed for your bedroom size, the support it provides, the height for convenience, and the materials it is made up of. Vonnie ordered king size Finland Bed in oak with FC-47869 Indigo stain.

Hello! Thank you for the wonderful service in delivering my bed! The two gentlemen that arrived to set it up for me, were extremely kind, respectful, and courteous! The bed I ordered is a stunning peace and I couldn’t be happier! I chose the oak wood with an indigo finish and a low sleigh footboard. It is as solid as it is beautiful. It was tough to choose with so many customizable options! I highly recommend ordering from this company! Thanks again! 

Vonnie from Michigan

Solid Amish Excellence

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

My wife & I hadn’t purchased furniture in at least 25 years. We own high-quality, solid wood pieces going back to the 1970s. With our children grown, we wanted a queen size bed for the second guestroom to replace the twin beds which have moved on to their homes.

          When we went to “high-end” furniture stores we were appalled at the quality decline in the industry. Veneer over MDF (a glorified particle board), even exposed MDF “out of sight” on the footboard against the mattress and headboard against the wall. Gently push on the headboard in these stores and 95% of them will wobble 1 or 2 inches.

          On the way home, I commented “we need to find the Amish, they won’t cut corners” I went to a few websites, some of which are high-pressure “act now” sites before finding Problem solved!

          We picked three candidate beds and I phoned Laura, she is very knowledgeable, a consummate professional, and easy to deal with. She readily answered questions about the number of support slats and posts, how they anchor to the side rails, connecting hardware, and more. We hoped to have the bed in place for guests at Christmas. Laura spoke with the different craftsmen for each candidate. She couldn’t guarantee it but thought they could meet that time frame. We ordered the bed on August 16, 2022, and received it on December 19th! The delivery team was friendly, professional, and punctual, and handled the pieces with care.

           Earlier in my life, I built some of our furniture. As a result, I know what to look for. The stain was meticulously applied — no streaks or overlaps. The finish coats are flawless – no waves, ripples or driplines. The oak was properly dried, dead straight, and precisely cut, edged, and fitted. Even the pocket screw channels and support slats are sanded finish-grade smooth so as not to tear any fabric. Mounting hardware is exactingly fitted so that the connection of side rails to the head and footboards is seamless. With assembly completed, you couldn’t move the headboard with a sledgehammer. Solid Amish Excellence.

          Discard your fear of buying online without touching and inspecting the finished product. These gentlemen and ladies, and their furniture, are the real deal.

Joe from Georgia