A Guide to Visiting Pennsylvania Amish Country

a trip to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is certainly the way to go


If you’ve ever been curious about life in Amish country, then a trip to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is certainly the way to go. In addition to a slower pace of life, peaceful surroundings and natural beauty, you will have the opportunity to meet Amish people and gain a deeper understanding for how they live. In fact, you can literally expect to see windmills on the horizon and horse drawn buggies.



While the pace of life you’ll experience on your trip most likely will be much slower than what you are used to, that is not to state that there is nothing to do in PA Dutch country. The food is fantastic, thanks to authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Your shopping experience will be nothing short of fascinating.


Prepare for an Amazing Shopping Experience


two stuffed dollsYou’ll find many unique shops that feature handmade arts and crafts. The kind of arts and crafts represented in these stores features a level of craftsmanship that is usually not seen elsewhere. If you are looking for items that will stand the test of time, then nobody matches the Amish. Amish craftsmanship is unusual in today’s planned obsolescence based marketplace. That helps the handmade gems found in PA Dutch country stand out all the more. You might just want to plan to buy gifts in advance for loved ones for years to come!


PA Dutch Country Highlights-Guided Tours


One of the single best ways to check out what Pennsylvania Dutch country has to offer is through a tour.   Air-conditioned tour buses help to make an introduction to Amish country an easy one. They can take you through the countryside and show you the most interesting sites. Plus, since you’ll have a tour guide, you can expert to learn interesting facts that you might have otherwise missed. All and all, this is an extremely enriching experience.


 A Guide to Visiting Pennsylvania Amish Country - Amish Furniture FactoryMost people who opt for a guided tour of PA Dutch country feel as though the experience was a very worthwhile investment both in time and money. A guided tour also features stops at locations such as craft shops, bakeries, farms and more. If you want to see a slice of true Amish country life that many simply miss, then you’ll love the tour option. A good example of what a PA Dutch country tour is like can be found at https://amishexperience.com.


The Amish Farm and House Experience


When it comes to history, it is tough to beat the very first Amish US attraction. The Amish Farm and House opened almost 60 years ago, and it is solely dedicated to preserving Amish history. A 209-year old house serves as the centerpiece of The Amish Farm and House experience.


If you’ are curious about Amish lifestyle then visit Lancaster County in PennsylvaniaSet on a 15-acre lot, the tour also visits a 1-room schoolhouse and more. The Amish Farm and House is also home to a gift shop that includes almost 60 different local vendors and resident artisans. Interesting handmade products are everywhere. Learn more by visiting https://www.amishfarmandhouse.com.



Other Interesting Ways to Understand Amish Life


Another very interesting activity can be found at the Amish Experience Theater at Plain & Fancy Farm. This unique theater experience tells the story of “Jacob’s Choice” and gives a slice of the Amish experience as told through the eyes of the Fisher family. Multiple projects as well as special effects and three-dimensional sets are used. To see scheduling information, visit https://www.padutchcountry.com/members/amish_experience_theater.asp.


What would a trip to such a history rich area be without stopping by a museum? The Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum is the perfect place to learn a great deal more about the history of the Pennsylvania Dutch people. Click this link learn to get more information on the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum.


Delicious Dining Options of All Kinds Await


All of this sightseeing might have made you a little hungry. Not to worry, there many restaurant options in the area. Throughout Dutch country and Lancaster County, you’ll find exceptional examples of traditional homemade Pennsylvania Dutch style cooking. Local ingredients are used and you’ll definitely taste the difference. You can expect food like homemade noodles, shoofly pie, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken and chicken potpie made from scratch, and much more.


Options such as Wyndridge Farm, Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant and Bird-in-Hand Fire Company are just three of the dozens of restaurant options available. The variety of types of restaurants available in the area often surprises many people.


A Buggy Ride is a Must Do While Visiting PA Dutch Country


Amish Horse and CarriageAfter a day of seeing the sights and a great meal or two, you might want to take a long and relaxing buggy ride. Many would argue that a trip to PA Dutch country just wouldn’t be the same without at least one actual buggy ride! Kids in particular will really enjoy this old fashioned experience. A horse and buggy ride is a wonderful way to see the stunning countryside of Lancaster County.


A Trip Like No Other


The quickest way to learn about any culture or place is, of course, to visit and spend time where they live. A few days spent in PA Dutch country will teach you more than reading dozens of books on the subject. The area is set up to help visitors truly make the most out of all that Dutch country has to offer.


Whether you opt for guided tours or strike out on your own, you are in for a very unusual experience. The Amish people take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship and that same dedication to quality shines through in every aspect of customer service in the region. The friendly and genuinely open people of the area are what help to truly make a trip to the Pennsylvania Dutch country exciting, interesting and, of course, very memorable.

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