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5 Best Amish Restaurants - Amish Furniture Factory

The Amish love food and it shows. The love of Amish food is about more than the foods that they actually prepare. When exploring the savory delights of the Amish world, it is important to take a step back and look at the whole picture and not just the process of preparation.

Amish food isn’t just about following steps and recipes. The delicious results of Amish cooking is, in part, the result of a concrete strategy, one built around cultivating the best ingredients. In Amish cooking there is an emphasis on using fresh ingredients.

People who try Amish food for the first time are often quite surprised by the vitality and richness of the food. One of the reasons for this fact is that for people used to eating processed foods and fast food are not accustomed to eating genuinely fresh food.  Most fast food and processed food is largely devoid of nutrition, and this leaves the body craving more food in a quest to get the nutrition it needs.

Amish food, with its emphasis on healthy, fresh and real ingredients, provides the body with a meal that leaves diners feeling full and satisfied. The end result is a true, and memorable, food experience.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the best Amish restaurants and what it is that makes these restaurants such great examples of Amish cuisine.

1. Dienner’s Country Restaurant, Great Buffets and More

5 Best Amish RestaurantsDiscussing Amish food and Amish restaurants usually leads to Lancaster County, a hub for all things Amish. A standout Lancaster County, Amish restaurant with an excellent reputation is Dienner’s Country Restaurant. Well-known and well-loved, Dienner’s Country Restaurant is seen as a go-to spot in Lancaster Country for Amish dinning.

The Yelp reviews for this popular spot are consistently good. Part of what makes Dienner’s such a favorite and worth your time is its large buffet. Dienner’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets that are reasonably prices ranging from about $11 to $13 dollars and includes everything from such stables as eggs, bacon and sausage to biscutis, girts and pastries for breakfast. The lunch menu consists for an array of chicken and fish dishes, vegetable platters and more. For dinner, the menu features burgers, fish and chicken dishes such as rotisserie chicken and a surprising array of side dishes such as mashed potatoes, onion rings and more.

Again, like all Amish cooking, the Dienner’s approach is to provide dinners with simple and rich food. Learn more about Dienner’s Country Restaurant by visiting their website by clicking here.

2. Boyd and Wurthmann

boyd-and-wurthmann-logo-2013Boyd & Wurthmann began as a grocery story in the 1930s, but from that beginning has expanded to include a Amish style restaurant providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located in Berlin, Ohio, Boyd & Wurthmann use employ real Amish cooks to ensure authentic Amish cuisine.


One of Boyd & Wurthmann’s specialties is homemade pies. In fact, they have anywhere between 15 to 20 different types of pies ready to go! If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll find that Boyd & Wurthmann’s is a true treat year round. For breakfast, diners can expect everything from eggs, omelets and hot cakes and more. On the lunch and dinner menus pork chops, country fried steak and homemade chicken noodle soup are all on the menu.

You won’t forget what Boyd & Wurthmann has to offer. Click here to learn more about this this Berlin, Ohio legend.

3. Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen

mrs-yoders-amish-restaurantLike Boyd & Wurthmann, Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen is also located in Ohio. Located in Mt. Hope, Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen is what Amish food is all about. Founder Gloria Yoder, who actually grew up in Mt. Hope, fell in love with Amish cooking. The approach is centered on providing guests with traditional Amish meals, but there are also other options as well. Egg and chicken dishes are popular on the menu.

The Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen website even features recipes for pumpkin pie and more.

4. Hometown Kitchen

logoHometown Kitchen, whose motto is “The Restaurant with Amish Cooks!” like Dienner’s Country Restaurant, is also located in Lancaster County. As their motto indicates, dinners can expect lots of tasty traditional Amish recipes.

Hometown Kitchen’s offerings range from homemade chicken pot pies to roast beef dinners, homemade breads and even an assortment of traditional Amish desserts such whoopie pies and shoofly pies. Located in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, Hometown Kitchen is a great example of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking and includes some real surprises such as chicken cordon bleu, which is a Monday special.unknown

Click here to learn more about Hometown Kitchen.

5. Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant & Buffet

lititzLocated in Lititz, Pennsylvania, Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant & Buffet is a unique Amish food offering. The restaurant’s goal is to offer authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and a variety of made-from-scratch dishes. The diverse menu is great for those who want to experience Amish cuisine while having other food options available as well. The breakfast menu features omelets, pancakes, French toast, Belgium waffles and more.

Learn more about Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant & Buffet by clicking here.


Amish Cuisine Might Just Change Your Approach to Food, Health and Nutrition

The blend of great recipes and the best, freshest ingredients helps Amish food stand out. It is no accident that many people who try Amish food ultimately make changes in their approach to food and begin incorporating fresher ingredients into their cooking and their diet.

The five restaurants featured in this article are, in fact, only a small slice of what Amish cuisine has to offer. Amish cuisine is diverse, but dinners can always expect a hearty meal that is both nutrition and flavor packed.

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