The Top 5 Essential Tools for Woodworking Beginners

The Top 5 Essential Tools for Woodworking Beginners

Ask anyone that has been working with wood for years and you’ll quickly learn that the benefits of woodworking go well beyond being “handy” or creating something beautiful and useful. Developing one’s woodworking skill is also an opportunity to relax and unwind. Woodworkers know all too well that woodworking can be an almost meditative activity. The fact that something useful and beautiful comes from the effort is, of course, no small bonus. Woodworking is fun, and the skills one acquires from woodworking last for a lifetime. Anyone looking to become more self-sufficient will love what woodworking has to offer.

If you want to be successful in the realm of woodworking you’ll want to first make certain you have the most essential woodworking tools; after all, having the right tools for the job always makes a world of difference. Having the right woodworking tools doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend a king’s ransom to get the supplies you need to begin woodworking.

Essential Woodworking Tool Number One-The Table Saw

But to make this work run smoother beginner should have 5 essential tools

Working with wood means you are going to need to of course cut wood. The reason that a table saw is so important is that it allows you to cut wood and do other jobs in a safer fashion.

Your table saw will often be the centerpiece of what you do in your woodworking and, for that reason, you’ll want to have a reliable, durable and versatile table saw. You can break the bank on a table saw, but there are many inexpensive options out there as well.

How do you know what to pick? A site like Amazon is a smart move for woodworking beginners. The reason is that you can read Amazon reviews and get a feel for what table saw seems to be the right pick for you. As a beginner, you’ll want to pay extra attention to safety features, such as the blade guard.

Working with saws is dangerous and you should never think otherwise. While you may be shopping on a budget when it comes to table saws, pay close attention to safety features. Once you’ve purchased your table saw, spend some time examining how these features work to protect you.

Essential Woodworking Tool Number Two-Your Circular Saw


A circular saw is also an incredibly important tool. The circular saw provides you with a great deal of versatility, as it is highly portable and can cut through a very wide range of materials. Additionally, a circular saw provides a good level of accuracy. There are plenty of great circular saws for all budgets. Just be certain to look for a circular saw with ample safety features and then consistently use those safety features.

Essential Woodworking Tool Number Three-The Jigsaw

young man carpenter working with electric jigsaw and wood

If you don’t buy a jigsaw when you begin woodworking you’ll likely soon regret it. A jigsaw lets you cut a range of curved designs and shapes. Curved lines and shapes will see far, far less intimidating with a reliable jigsaw in your corner.

Jigsaws also feature blades that can be quickly switched out so that they can cut a range of materials. The bottom line is that the jigsaw is extremely useful and extremely versatile. It is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to use. Don’t skip this essential woodworking tool!

Essential Woodworking Tool Number Four-The Sander

Electrical sander

All woodworkers need a good sander and this includes beginners. The right saws might be the foundation of your woodworking but without a good sander your finished pieces will look, well, unfinished. That is why every woodworker opts for a high quality sander. Just remember to wear safety goggles as wood fragments can be released at any time whether you are sanding or cutting.

Essential Woodworking Tool Number Five-The Drill Press

It is obviously difficult to limit our list of woodworking essentials for beginners to just five items. There are additional items worth considering such as a wood router and a wood-sharpening tool. That stated, our fifth woodworking essential truly does stand out. During your woodworking you will need to make cuts and holes and that is where the drill press comes into play. Without a drill press many of the projects you want to tackle will simply not be possible. Drill presses can be pricy so shop around!

Bonus Tool-The Power Drill

power-drill-154903_1280 copy

You’ll always need a power drill even if you aren’t a woodworker. Today’s power drills are highly reliable and surprisingly versatile. Cordless power drills have been a real time saver and game changer.

Many of the most simple woodworking projects will require you to screw pieces together, and the last thing you want to do is complete that task by hand. Instead simply reach for your power drill and save a whole lot of time while achieving a superior result.

The Top 5 Essential Tools for Woodworking Beginners

Armed with these six woodworking essential tools, most beginners will be able to tackle a surprisingly diverse number of projects. So get out there and start creating your masterpieces!

The time that you invest in finding those tools is definitely time well spent and you won’t regret it! So before you roll up your sleeves and begin, first roll up your sleeves and do a little Internet research on the right tools for you and your budget. As a beginner, you’ll want to pay special attention to safety features and use those safety features while woodworking.

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