Pieces Designed to Last a Lifetime

With a family growing through children getting married and having children of their own, we were looking for a dining table that would fit our needs which included not only providing a nice dining set for just my husband and myself but also for when our family comes to visit.

We went to many furniture stores and everything we saw was poorly made. I did a lot of research online since my husband suggested we buy directly from the manufacturer. We settled on Amish Furniture Factory because of the detail of information provided, the selection, and most importantly the ability to be able to actually “design your own dining table.”

We simply could not be more pleased. We did have to wait a considerable period of time, but good things come to those who wait as they say. What I liked best was the personal touch throughout the whole process. We were able to get as many samples of wood and finishes as we liked. That was exceptionally helpful. Immediately we could see that I finished product was going to be exemplary. Which it is. It is exactly what I wanted. Our table can be as small as we like with the ability to extend it to comfortably fit our whole family.

Amish furniture factory kept in touch with us throughout the process of waiting for the dining set. When it was delivered with the utmost care by the way by two fantastic gentlemen. It was assembled in our dining room and we were just so pleased.

We look forward to a lifetime with the standing table and being able to pass it on to our family. The whole experience was fantastic and we just simply could not be more thrilled.


Debra & Gunar of Yarmouthport, Massachusetts

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