Oak-built Furniture at Amish Furniture Factory

It is sometimes frustrating to shop online. Often, matching a budget with a good design can be quite a challenge for those who want stylish, quality pieces. Luckily, Maria’s eye for good design brought her to the carefully curated furniture list of the Amish Furniture Factory website.

The vintage look that she wanted for her furniture, she found in thi oak-built Mission TV stand and Barstow Curio Cabinet, both of which were coffee stained. The cabinet particularly stood out to her due to its leaded glass doors and shiplap back.

For those who are needing extra nudge before ordering, here’s what Maria shared:


It was made for me to my liking, color, size, to house my pride trinkets and things.

This furniture will be in the family for generations to come, everyone that sees it knows that it was custom made and they ask whom where the people involved with the making.

The service is unparalleled that I had never experienced, they are always very quick to help, and respond to questions or concerns you may have at any point during or after your interactions with them.

Maria from New York City

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