12 Top Outdoor Seating Types For Your Porch, Lawn or Patio This Spring

by Vicki Nemeth

Do you want to go outside more this spring and summer? Do you want to get the kids off of their devices and into fresh air? Maybe you need a place to sit. Here are 12 kinds of outdoor seating to make your yard appealing throughout the warmer months.

  1. Bench12 Top Outdoor Seating Types For Your Porch, Lawn or Patio This SpringA bench is a staple of outdoor seating. It invites people outside and brings them together. A bench is a great way to maximize the number of available seats, since individual chairs need more space from one another.

  1. Patio Chair Two Poly Vinyl Comfort Rockers and a Poly Vinyl Deluxe End Table in color weatherwood with chestnut brown legs and trimSometimes you have a nook outside that best fits one person. Many lawn chairs are smaller versions of benches that can keep one person, plus a small pet or your crafting, cosy. Some chairs have optional footrests.
  2. Rocking Chair A rocking chair is a staple for relaxing indoors or out. As long as you know your chair, your rocker lets you lean back when you want to or sit up when you want to. Sometimes the constant movement is what makes people happy to sit in rocking chairs.
  3. Glider4' Hummingbird Pinewood Glider from Amish Furniture Factory has a stamp of petunias and a hummingbird on the head rest.
    For many people, a glider meets all the function they need in its ability to move, even while it stays upright. A glider base is a technology that “rocks” back and forth while its feet stay flat on the floor. This keeps you from damaging your deck or lawn over years of rocking. Gliding bases make new kinds of furniture available. Now you can get a glider foot rest for your chair whether it’s a rocker or a glider. Benches are another thing that were not practical to design with rockers but can be built with a glider base.
  4. Lounge ChairPoly Vinyl Lounge Chair in lime green and black from Amish Furniture FactoryNow let’s get down to business. A lounge chair is designed specially for loafing around on. The back goes all the way up to your head, while the seat goes all the way down to your feet. The whole thing is contoured to the shape of the human body, and it reclines back. Most lounge chairs come with matching-length cushions. This big lounger for one is great for falling asleep while reading a book.
  5. Adirondack Chair20" Adirondack Lounge Chair with matching ottoman and side table from Amish Furniture FactoryTo lean back without using as much leg space as a lounger, try an Adirondack chair. Named after the Adirondack Mountains, this chair is easy to recognize by its fanned plank back that is angled back to encourage lounging.The Adirondack’s design follows the natural bends of the human body. The broad paddle arm rests sit at an ideal angle to the seat and curve out to follow a partly spread human arm. The seat may angle downward toward the back, so the user gets in and relaxes. The corner where an Adirondack back meets the seat makes it feel like a rocking chair that is rocked back. But an Adirondack’s stable base keeps it that way all the time.An Adirondack’s seat can feel low, so in the higher part under the knees, the seat planks curve and offer a stable base to get up and down from.If you can’t decide between a lounge chair and an Adirondack chair, try an Adirondack with a specially shaped ottoman so you can switch between them.Adirondack Poly Vinyl Balcony Chair in green from Amish Furniture Factory
  6. Balcony Chair A balcony chair is a raised chair in any variety of outdoor relaxing styles, and differs from a bar chair that usually comes in dining chair styles. A balcony chair’s many functions give it an advantage over a bar chair. It’s tall enough that a sitting person can be similar in height and socialize with people who are standing or walking by. It’s tall enough to use with a pub or balcony table, or between meals, to sit back and look out over the railing.The most distinct advantage a balcony chair has over a bar stool is its stable base with a step that you can use to climb in and rest your feet instead of letting them hang. If you have a small patio that might otherwise make you choose between designing a lounging and a dining area, a balcony chair can do both without taking up double the space.
  7. Swing5' Classic Highback Poly Vinyl Swing in dove gray and black from Amish Furniture FactoryA patio swing is a well-loved country classic in outdoor furniture. Suspend a bench with a chain and you have seating that rocks in the breeze while you settle down with a book or a cup of tea. If you have a covered porch, you can hang your swing from a strong ceiling beam. To place your swing anywhere you’d like, choose a free-standing swing and hang it from an A-frame or a swing stand.
  8. Lawn GliderThe Rollback Rose Double Lawn Glider from Amish Furniture Factory has a rose stamp on each seat backSpeaking of swinging around, a lawn glider is a unique design of backyard swing that mounts two seats facing each other for conversation and teamwork. You and a friend can have fun talking and swinging together on a double lawn glider. Here’s how it works.The frame supports a gliding mechanism at the top. Instead of chains or rope, solid poles swing from the mechanism and hold the seating structure of two benches and a footrest. From a sitting position, you can make the glider move by pushing and pulling the footrest with your feet. When two people get in opposite each other, it’s a great way to make a connection.
  9. Picnic TablePoly Vinyl Octagon Picnic Table in dove gray and slate from Amish Furniture FactoryYour back yard is a great place to go on a picnic. A picnic table is a convenient multipurpose item that keeps the benches and table in one piece so you won’t have to track down chairs at the end of the day. It’s easy to keep organized around kids or on a big property. That’s why households can benefit from picnic tables as much as parks and resorts can.
  10. Dining Set
    Top Outdoor Seating Types For Your Porch, Lawn or Patio Surprise! A patio set has stools or chairs. Some patio sets have height options so you can get bar chairs and a nice high outdoor dining table. Dining chairs are light, simple, and easy to move around, and outdoor ones survive being lost track of. Next time you have an outdoor activity together, you might only need to move your outdoor dining chairs around to where you need them.
  11. Dining Chairs Top Outdoor Seating Types For Your Porch, Lawn or Patio This Spring Of course, you can always get spare amish dining chairs above and beyond the chairs from your patio set. And don’t forget all the options you can get, like a swivel base and barstool height. If you choose poly vinyl, you won’t have to worry about your guests being rough while hauling your spare chairs around.

Surprise Features

Outdoor furniture’s rugged, elegant look makes it easy to design with options and conveniences. Keep an eye out for benches that morph into picnic tables, chairs that fold, and different chair heights. Some chairs have gliding and swivel options. Accessories include cup holders, umbrellas, weather-resistant cushions, gliding and non-gliding footrests and ottomans.

Get Ready

If you’re ready to design your best patio yet, these seating options can keep it fun and relaxing.

How are you planning to get yourself outside more this year? You can join the conversation in the comments below.

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