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Pull up a bar stool and join us in our Amish Kitchen and Bar category. It may be stating the obvious by saying you will find Amish kitchen and bar furniture and kitchen accessories in this category, but that is the fact. There is a bit more to it than that, however, as our Amish furniture pieces are not just any old hunk of wood pieced together after some sawing, nailing and gluing.

Our Amish kitchen and bar furniture is one of a kind, high quality; hand crafted, and made of solid hardwood. Did I mention it’s all built by the Amish? Well it is. The Amish are known for their quality craftsmanship and have been for centuries. While many things around us change with regard to technology, manufacturing methods, and our fashion styles, the Amish have hardly changed their ways over the last one hundred years. For us, and for you, this is a good thing, as it ensures high quality hardwood furniture is still produced unlike much of the furniture today that is pumped in from overseas in mass quantity, and built in mass quantity.

The kitchen and bar area is a place designated to let loose, have fun, be creative and re-supplement our lives with the thing many of us lack the most: Time with our family and friends. At Amish Furniture Factory, we believe in smart consumerism. This idea is supported by the notion that buying something once and paying a little more, makes more sense than paying a little less and having to replace it multiple times. The less time you spend fussing with the things in life that are supposed to make your life more convenient, the more time you have to spend with family and friends. Buying an Amish made bar stool or bar table that will last for decades if not generations just makes more sense.

Luckily for you, we offer a whole line of Amish bar and kitchen furniture pieces that you won’t need to worry about replacing for years, and years, if ever. Our Amish bar and pub tables, and Amish bar chairs and stools are the reigning champ of popularity in this category. Amish Furniture Factory carries a great selection of both types of furniture in many styles and sizes to choose from to match your home and décor scheme. We have gone about selecting our builders so carefully, that many of our Amish bar stools and chairs are actually build and designed to go with our Amish bar and pub tables stylistically. This makes the selection and shopping process much easier.

Don’t let the winners of the popularity contest overshadow our other great furniture pieces for the bar and kitchen area of your home. Some of the other full size furniture pieces we sell that are perfect for this are of your home are our hutches, buffets, cabinets, carts and kitchenettes, food storage units and much more! Each type of these types of furniture pieces not only adds greatly to the style and elegance of your home but they have originated from the demand of purpose, convince, practicality, and a need organize. Our category for Amish Food Storage units, for example is full of veggie bins, pie safes, bread boxes, and jelly cupboards that each cover a niche requirement or need to store various food items and staples while preserving freshness and taste. Our Amish made hutches and buffets are very large vessels that offer immense storage capacity for many items such as dining fineries from china ware to silverware, to storing cooking and accessories for large cook-offs.

Why stop there? When you spend time browsing our fine bar and kitchen category, you will realize the breadth of what can be done to revitalize this area of your home with our many accessories and furniture pieces. We also sell silverware chests, wine stands and racks for the counter, cooking and eating accessories, lazy susans and waste bins. Happy browsing, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.