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  • 42" TV Console Hutch
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  • 60" TV Console Hutch
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  • Albany Hutch
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  • Alvada Hutch
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  • Anglewood Hutch
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  • Arlington Hutch
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  • Artesa Buffet
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  • Artesa Hutch
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  • Arts & Crafts High Buffet
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  • Arts & Crafts Hutch
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  • Bancroft Buffet
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  • Bayport Hutch
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  • Bayport Island Buffet
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  • Boulder Creek Corner Hutch
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  • Boulder Creek Frontier Island Buffet with Pull Out Table
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  • Boulder Creek Hutch
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  • Boulder Creek Sideboard (Buffet)
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  • Breckenridge 2 Door Hutch
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  • Breckenridge 3 & 4 Door Hutch
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  • Bridgton Buffet
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  • Bridgton Hutch
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  • Brookline Corner Hutch
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  • Brookline Hutch
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  • Caledonia Hutch
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We have selected from amongst the top Amish builders in the United States an eclectic variety of hutches and buffets, ranging in size, style, and design. The broadest design types of a hutch are the corner hutch and the standard wall hutch. The corner hutch has a back designed in the shape of a half triangle which will fit snug into a corner of a room. This design allows for maximum space efficiency when using a corner of a dining room or kitchen.

The standard wall hutch is designed to be placed flush against a flat wall. Other variants of the hutch are the open and closed deck hutches. An open deck hutch, as its name implies, features an open space between the bottom door and drawer area and the top cabinet portion. This open area provides a flat surface from which to work from, or sort and place other items such as envelopes or newspapers.

A closed deck hutch has no such area and is instead filled in with additional cabinets. For an example of a full open deck hutch, see our Brookline Hutch, Caledonia Hutch, or Brookline Hutch. Refer to our Anglewood Hutch or Alpine hutch to view a closed deck hutch.

Either type of hutch can be designed to accommodate a wide array of shelf, drawer, and door distributions that will greatly aid in organizing and displaying china ware, glassware, silver, or other dining ware or finery. Many of our hutches have another degree of added luxury with lighting and mirrors installed in the upper cabinet area to better showcase the luster and shine of the many types of fineries that will be placed inside. A finely made and handcrafted hardwood hutch filled with valuable and glimmering fineries, illuminated with soft incandescent lights in front of a back mirror provides a truly magnificent look and feel, with museum like brilliance and quality.

A hutch consists of a buffet. Buffets are the bottom portion of hutch which contains the doors and drawers, and does not have a cabinet with glass doors placed on top. Hutches are an excellent alternative to a full hutch, as they are much less costly, and can also add a significant amount of additional storage space. Most of our full hutches are available in the buffet form without the top cabinet.

Every hutch and buffet offered by Amish Furniture Factory is hand crafted by skilled Amish craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the trade of crafting fine handmade furniture. Our Amish builders use generations of knowledge that has been passed down to them from their furniture crafting predecessors to select wood, build, and finish each hutch or buffet sold.