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At Amish Furniture Factory, you will find the best online selection of Amish bedroom furniture. We offer many of the popular and in demand types of bedroom furniture pieces, as well as some harder to find furniture pieces. Our Amish beds category is our most popular bedroom furniture category. In the Amish beds category, you will find an eclectic selection of full, queen and king size beds in many styles. The range of styles of Amish beds we offer suit rooms that have a traditional or more contemporary décor. While beds may be the most celebrated of bedroom furniture pieces, don’t forget we carry hundreds of other bedroom pieces that complement our Amish beds beautifully.

Adding an Amish chest to your bedroom can make a world of difference in the overall look and feel of elegance, while also adding a new way to organize your overflow of clothing and dress accessories that have taken over your bedroom. Depending on the overflow severity of your bedroom stuff, we have a multitude of Amish chests that will tackle nearly any shortage of bedroom storage capacity, while also meeting your demands for quality, elegance and style. In our Amish chests bedroom category, find great deals on door chests, chests of drawers, chests on chests, mule chests, lingerie chests, and blanket and cedar chests. It’s important to consider what specific items you have, or plan to purchase in the future when shopping for an Amish chest, since each type of chest we sell has a specialty job that will help you store your stuff in style.

Amish dressers are a close relative of Amish chests, and have a focal role of importance in styling and balancing the look and feel of your Amish bedroom furniture pieces. Amish dressers, like chests are bedroom furniture designed to maximize storage and organizational space of your bedroom. The distinguishing feature of dressers which separates them from chests is the height and width of dressers makes them more ideal for including or fitting a mirror on the back of the top edge of the piece. Dresser mirrors greatly enhance the looks of the dresser and the entire bedroom furniture set, while adding more utility. Typically, a dresser mirror is designed to complement the dresser in size and style. There are three piece folding mirrors or one piece mirrors that can be mounted on the wall behind the dresser, or to the back edge.

Amish chifferobes, wardrobes, and armoires are bedroom furniture pieces that are a step up in size from Amish chests and dressers. While these pieces serve the same purpose of Amish dressers and chests through providing additional store space, Amish armoires, chifferobes, and wardrobes, have essentially evolved out of a need to develop a piece of bedroom furniture that serves equal purpose to that of a closet. The design of these pieces is such that their doors and drawers can store clothing items and bedroom accessories similarly to that of a closet, in that things can be hung from a rod inside the doors, and drawers can store folded clothing articles.

In our Amish mirrors category, you will find dresser mirrors specifically designed for many of our bedroom dresser pieces. The mirrors will match the dresser in style and size. When browsing through our bedroom dresser pieces, you will notice a specific mirror is recommended with the dresser that is the best match. If you are looking for a floor or wall mirror for your bedroom, we have those too, in a different shapes, styles and sizes. Some of the unique pieces we offer for the bedroom are laundry hampers, dressing tables, jewelry boxes, and quilt racks and stands. Each of these pieces is made with equal care and attains the same levels of quality as our larger bedroom pieces.