Characteristics and Properties of Cherry Wood

By Tobin Dimmitt


In searching for the perfect type of Amish furniture, you may have come across some made of cherry hardwood. Many people will argue that this is the cream of the crop when it comes to furniture production, but what makes it so special? Sure, it's highly attractive and has a distinct reddish color that goes well with most styles of decor. If you're interested in learning more about cherry wood, keep reading and we'll reveal some of the unique characteristics and properties of this highly valued wood that set it apart from the rest.


Advantages of Using Cherry Wood
As the name suggests, cherry wood comes from cherry trees, which are short and stocky containing a moderate amount of wood. Although you can't see the beautiful color of their wood until the tree is cut down and processed, this is one of the most attractive features of cherry furniture. At first glance, you'll likely notice how furniture made of cherry wood has a natural sheen that partially reflects the light hitting it. In turn, this creates more visibility and places more focus on the cherry furniture. However, the real beauty of cherry wood comes from its reddish color, which can either be light or dark depending on the specific wood and how it was treated. If you're looking for a formal dining room set or just a couple elegant pieces for your living room, cherry is the perfect type of wood to go with.


Another unique advantage associated with cherry wood is its ability to age over time. Instead of having its color fade like other types of wood, cherry tends to grow darker and bold as its ages. This is one of the reasons why antique cherry furniture is worth so much money. If you find yourself in possession of cherry furniture, you should keep it clean and maintained properly to ensure it ages gracefully and without any damage.


Cherry wood is also notable for its strength are durability. In the event you happen to bang it into a wall during a move, chances are it will hold up just fine. Of course you should still use caution any time you move or adjust your new cherry furniture, as you don't want to scruff it up.


Hopefully this will give you a better understanding as to what some of the characteristics are with cherry wood. Ultimately, you want to choose a type of furniture that's stylish and will match in your home. If cherry doesn't fit the bill, then you should move on to a different type.

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