Open for a Relaxing Bedroom and Two Glorious Dining Room Tables

Mark and Janel are in love with their new Encada Bedroom Set in rustic cherry with Burnt Umber stain. The color adds warmth to their relaxed bedroom design.
The Encada Bed and two nightstands in rustic cherry with Burnt Umber stain from the Encada Bedroom Set—Amish Furniture Factory
Now that you’ve seen the bed, let’s back up and listen to what Janel has to say about it:
Thank you for sharing the cookbook – the Amish friendship bread/starter is something that I am going to make soon!
Attached are pictures of the furniture that we purchased last year. We absolutely love the furniture! It is beautiful and the quality is outstanding. It is worth the wait!

And it’s a good thing this is quality furniture, because their order kept getting bigger and bigger. When they decided they wanted furniture to match their Encada Bed, they switched to the set. Then they chose two night stands and a ten-drawer dresser. To create the perfect night stand, they switched the standard model for the Encada 3 Drawer Night Stand and had the top drawer customized into a cubby. Here is a close-up of one of the night stands.
Encada Nightstand from the Encada Bedroom Set in rustic cherry with Burnt Umber stain—Amish Furniture Factory
They had the ten-drawer dresser customized from the nine-drawer dresser that is normally available, just by giving us a call.
Encada Ten-Drawer Dresser from the Encada Bedroom Set in rustic cherry with Burnt Umber stain—Amish Furniture Factory
But Janel and Mark didn’t stop with the bedroom. They also furnished two dining rooms in Amish Furniture. First, they put together a dining set consisting of the Colebrook Trestle Dining Table and Colebrook Dining Chairs. Hickory wood with Classic Mission stain creates a natural look for the dining room’s eclectic decor.
Colebrook Trestle Dining Table with Colebrook Dining Chairs in hickory with Classic Mission stain from Amish Furniture Factory
Finally, they got a Bellingham Legged Dining Table with two-tone stain. To finish the top in Acres and the base in Ebony, they spoke with us on the phone.
Bellingham Legged Dining Table from Amish Furniture Factory. This oak table has a custom two-tone stain: the top is in Acres stain and the base is in Ebony stain
It’s a beautiful household full of beautiful wood furniture.

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