Do The Amish Use Air Conditioners?


By Tobin Dimmitt


 Do The Amish Communities Use Air Conditioners?Now that we’re getting further into the spring season, temperatures are rising throughout the country. For most of us, a basic central air conditioning unit is all it takes to ward off the heat and stay cool. It’s a luxury that families take for granted until it stops working and you’re forced to endure the blistering heat inside your home. Since the Amish avoid modern-day appliances and electricity (for the most part), you might be wondering whether or not they use air conditioners. Here we’ll take a closer look at their belief towards air conditioners and reveal how Amish communities keep cool during the hot spring and summer months.


The short answer to the question is that no – Amish communities do not use air conditioners. Their religious principles place a greater emphasis on worship than unnecessary luxuries. While a central home air conditioning system would sure be a welcomed addition in the home (especially during summer), it’s still an unnecessary luxury that’s not required to live; therefore, most Amish communities pass on the use of air conditioners.


How The Amish Stay Cool


Since they don’t use air conditioners, you might be wondering just how in the world they are able to stay cool during the hot summer months. One of the ways they stay cool is by building homes designed for optimal thermal comfort. For instance, concrete floors are oftentimes added into homes to help reduce the heat. If you’ve ever walked on a concrete floor barefoot, you may have noticed how much cooler it is than hot carpet. They also make homes cooler by planting large trees around the exterior for additional shade. A couple strategically planted trees can offer a substantial amount of thermal protection against the sun.


Amish families also tend to wake up early in the morning before the sun comes out. By waking up early, they are able to get outside and perform their daily work without being stuck inside a non-air conditioned home. After finishing up work, they will go back home when the sun has died down some to fix dinner and enjoy their evening together as a family. Amish communities are big into family gathering and will almost always eat together. There’s not television to sit around watching at dinner time, but instead they gather at the table and converse among one another as they eat.

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