Why Amish Men Don’t Shave Beards


By Tobin Dimmitt


 Why Amish Men Don't Shave Beards - Amish Furniture FactoryIf you’ve seen any pictures or watched any documentaries on the Amish, you may have noticed how the men have long beards. In fact, nearly all of the adult men in Amish communities have these long beards that look like they’ve been growing for several years. Since it’s not frequently talked about or discussed, most “outsiders” are left in the dark as to why Amish men don’t shave their beards. If you are wondering the answer to this question, keep reading.



Do All Amish Men Have Beards?


While most Amish men have beards, there are a select few which don’t. Depending on which specific community you are visiting, you may find a couple men walking around with a cleanly shaven face. Typically, the younger men are the ones without beards, while the older ones have long beards that have been growing for a while. Of course there are always exceptions, but this is a general sight you will find in most Amish communities throughout the US. If you ever find yourself visiting a part of the country with a large population of Amish residents, take note of how many men have beards and how many don’t.




Basically, Amish men stop shaving their beards once they become married. The Bible mentions beards several times as it is related to manhood and growing up. It states that having a beard shows you are a man of God. The Amish communities acknowledge this fact by allowing married men to grow their beards out. Until a man is married, however, he cannot grow his beard out without shaving. This is a rule that most Amish communities live by practice in their day-to-day lives.


Since beards are only grown out by the men who are married, not having one signifies that you are single. In essence, it’s become a way for singles to meet one another. If woman is interested in a man and notices that he doesn’t have a beard, then she knows he is single. While I don’t think Amish elders planned for shaven beards to help singles find one another, it’s definitely happening by default.


Hopefully this will give you a better understanding as to why Amish men don’t shave their beards. The truth is that it all boils down to marriage and how beards are described in the Bible. Amish communities build their life around religion and God, and their beliefs tie directly into what a beard represents on a man.

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