How The Amish Make Money


By Tobin Dimmitt


Amish business

There’s a certain shroud of mystery that clouds the Amish lifestyle, leaving us to speculate what their day-to-day lives are really like. While most people are aware of their strict religious beliefs that limit their use of modern-day technology, few people understand their work and job roles. Just like us, those living in Amish communities get up and go to work so they can earn money used to buy food and other goods. Just because they are Amish doesn’t make them exempt from this type of lifestyle. Here we’ll take a closer look at Amish business and reveal some of the most commonly performed jobs in the community.


Contrary to what some people may believe, Amish residents are still responsible for paying any and all taxes. This includes state, federal, property and sales tax. There’s currently no law that excludes them from paying taxes due to their religious beliefs or otherwise.




One of the most commonly performed jobs in Amish communities is farming. With hundreds or even thousands of acres of land, some communities dedicate a portion of it to farming. They can farm vegetables, fruit and general produce, and either trade it around to community or sell it back in the city. The only real problem with farming is that there’s a significant downtime when winter approaches and begins killing off the crops. As a result, many farmers are left to try and take up other part-time jobs until the temperatures go back up to a more suitable degree. According to some estimates, roughly half of all full-grown Amish residents are farmers.


Furniture Making


As you can expect, Amish communities also frequently create furniture with the purpose of selling it for a profit. Unlike some of the big-name manufacturers that mass produce their items, each and every piece of Amish furniture is hard-crafted to create one of the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality you’ll find. As a result, Amish furniture has become quite popular over the years by those looking for elegant and durable pieces for their home. A number of men living in Amish communities dedicate their work to building Amish furniture so they can sell it at a later time.




If you’ve ever taken a trip through Lancaster or any other Amish country, you may have noticed several bakeries set up through town. Amish communities are well-known for their ability to bake and cook some downright delicious foods. Women residents frequently set up bakeries in the neighboring towns where they can cook and sell their baked goods along with other items. Tourists and even non-Amish residents living nearby are naturally drawn to their delicious cooking; therefore, it’s a profitable job for them to perform.


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