Do The Amish Celebrate Independence Day?


By Tobin Dimmitt



 Do The Amish Celebrate Independence Day? - Amish Furniture FactorySome of you might be wondering how or even if the Amish celebrate this national holiday. Because of their strict religious beliefs and devotion towards the Ordnung, Amish communities have a different view on holidays. For instance, they do not celebrate Halloween because of its connection with sin. But what about Independence Day on July 4th?



The short answer is that some Amish communities celebrate Independence Day while others don’t. It’s all up to the families and how they wish to spend their Fourth of July. With that said, most communities will celebrate this national holiday in a similar manner as the rest of the country. They’ll gather with friends and families in a communal area to enjoy good home-cooked food along with some fireworks. It’s a time to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself without stressing about typical daily worries.


You have to remember that the Amish are able to live in peace because of the freedom provided by America. This country was built around the fundamental principle that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and pursuit of happiness. Without this freedom, the Amish culture might not be as healthy and thriving as it is today. This is one of the reasons why so many Amish communities take the time to celebrate Independence Day, even if it’s only for a communal gathering with friends and family members.



Of course, other Amish communities feel like Independence Day is a celebration of war and violence, which they are strictly against. They believe it remembers a time when America took arms to fight against the tyranny and oppression from the British. It’s no secret that Amish are live a peaceful life with values weighing heavily against violence. Because of this, some communities (not all) may wish to distance themselves form July 4th celebrations. Avoiding July 4th celebrations prevents them from remembering a violent time in this nation’s history.



If you happen to take a stroll through Lancaster County on July 4th, you may find some of the Amish-owned shops are open while other are closed. This doesn’t necessary reflect their views on the holiday, but it’s rather based on their business judgement. Amish shop owners must work long hours to ensure they remain profitable, and this might include holidays such as Independence Day.

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