5 Solid Reasons Why This Couple Loved Shopping at Amish Furniture Factory


by Vicki Nemeth


Mark and Terri bought a TV stand and a dining set on time for the holidays. Here’s their new Honeybee Mission 60″ TV Cabinet with seedy glass. The poinsettias add a holiday touch.

Honeybee Mission 60" TV Cabinet from Amish Furniture Factory

They sent us a letter detailing 5 reasons why they are happy with both the furniture and their shopping experience, so we’ve turned it into a list. Here is what Mark and Terri have to say, with our added explanations.


“We had a wonderful experience with our furniture purchase from Amish Furniture Factory.


1. “The quality of the materials and workmanship in our new TV console and dining room set are amazing.”


All of our furniture is handcrafted in the USA with solid wood and no particle board. Table tops are at least 1” thick. Mortise and tenon joints hold our pieces together strongly, and dovetails keep our drawers in beautiful condition.


2. “They matched perfectly with the online photos. They are truly beautiful and have become the focal points of our home.”


Arts & Crafts Trestle Dining Table and Chairs from Amish Furniture Factory

Here are Mark and Terri’s new Arts and Crafts Trestle Dining Table and Chairs. They also got matching bar stools.

We know that online shopping can be a nightmare with thousands of made-in-wherever brands popping up every year. But we’re personally involved in the business of finding you the best furniture for your household. That’s why we’re a Better Business Bureau accredited business operating out of Fairfield, Iowa, and our manufacturers’ workshops around America are so close to home, some customers have even managed to visit.




3. “The sales representative was very helpful and answered our questions. It was nice to have someone with whom we could discuss the purchase options.


Running a small business means we interact with our product. It means the same people gain more understanding of our furniture, year after year. Further, by fostering an understanding and working with craftspeople, we can imagine what options and even what customizations are possible. All you have to do is give Laura a call.



4. “The volume purchase discount was a significant incentive in our purchasing decision. It made it worth purchasing the TV console and dining room set together rather than in separate orders.


We only require a 30% deposit on orders over $1000, plus we have scaling percent discounts based on the size of your order. Check out the savings in the table below:



Price % Discount
$1000 2%
$2000 3%
$3000 4%
$4000 5%
$5000 6%
$6000 7%
$7000 8%
$8000 9%
$9000 10%
$10,000 11%
$15,000 12%
$20,000 14%



5. “The delivery person was accommodating and adjusted the delivery to meet our schedule. He was skilled in the assembly and setup of our new furniture. I highly recommend the extra fee for the white-glove service, it was worth every penny.


It’s luxury furniture, and we want to treat it well. We also want to keep your deliveries secure from theft.Whether you choose white-glove or regular curbside delivery, they’ll call you to set up a delivery appointment so you can be there. White-glove has the added service of our delivery team doing all the lifting and set-up inside your home.



From the web search to the delivery, we made sure to provide Mark and Terri with the best customer experience we could. And it’s worth it when they say things like this:


“This was a five star purchasing experience.”

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