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The Guide to Trees

Trees provide us with many different benefits. They provide shade, provide beauty, provide home to wildlife and many other purposes. Around the world their are many different types of trees that we know about.

Trees around the world generally fall into two separate categories. They are coniferous trees and deciduous trees. There are many different factors that are used to identify the two tree families, but the most frequent difference is the fact that deciduous trees lose their leaves during the cold weather, and coniferous trees keep their leaves. The reason for this alteration is that the leaves on deciduous trees are broader, allowing additional sunlight for photosynthesis of the trees. However, the bigger leaf area makes the leaf more prone to weather conditions such as cold, wind, snow and rain. The leaves are merely more delicate. Coniferous trees are usually firs and evergreens with sharp, pointed leaves, which are called needles. When they shed, they shed only their oldest leaves, and this method is not dependant on the weather.

Coniferous Trees

Coniferous trees are commonly referred to as evergreens, due to the fact that they remain green throughout the year. The most common types of coniferous trees are spruces, firs, and cedars. Coniferous trees make cones in which their seeds are contained, known as pine cones. Coniferous trees frequently grow in triangular shapes, and are popular as Christmas trees.

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Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees lose all their leaves during the winter months of the year. Some of the more common species of deciduous trees are maple, oak, birch, and elm. Some ways in which the trees are classified are the shape of the leaves, the bark, and the seeds. Many deciduous plants flower during the time preceding that when they grow their leaves. This aids in pollination, both by attracting pollinating insects, and by allowing the wind to pick off petals and seeds and spread them away from the tree to other portions of the area. The broadness of the leaf on the deciduous tree allows for greater photosynthesis than those on the coniferous tree.

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