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Made by Little Hands: Craft Projects for Kids

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing. To stimulate imagination, children need a creative environment as they are growing up. In the long run, it helps them express themselves, cope with life’s problems, and generally makes them happier children. It’s not always easy to find a craft project that’s right for a specific child. Some children prefer working with balloons or beads while others prefer metal or wood. Finding the perfect craft activity make a difference and get a child truly interested rather than having them just go through the motions of creating art. Here’s the ultimate resource page to find interesting craft projects for kids.

Basic Crafts

Balloon Crafts

  • Balloon Sculpting: A few balloon sculpting projects for slightly older children.
  • Balloon Ideas: Many different balloon ideas for different age groups.
  • Balloon People: Activity for younger children that lets them create “balloon people”.
  • Balloon Ghost: Activity for older children showing how to create ghosts out of balloons.

Beading & Jewelry Making

  • Bead Crafts: Multiple beading projects for older kids including watermelon and milkshake patterns.
  • Paper Clip Necklace: All-age project that teaches a child how to use paperclips to make a necklace.
  • Ribbon Jewelry: A site that shows kids how to make jewelry from ribbons.
  • Kids Bead Craft: An activity that teaches younger children how to decorate with beads.

Candle & Soap Making

Computer-Generated Crafts

Glass Crafts

  • Stained Glass: A project that teaches younger children how to make small stained glass window samples.
  • Glass Windows: Project for older children that teaches them how to make stained glass.
  • Stained Leaves: Teaches older kids how to make stained glass leaves.
  • Stained Glass Decoration: Provides step-by-step instructions on how to make stained glass decorations for younger children.

Holiday Crafts

Metal Crafts

  • Metal Key Chain: An activity for older children that teaches them how to make metal key chains with attachments.
  • Altoids Clock: An activity for older children that shows them how to make a clock out of altoids tins.
  • Bottle Cap Locket: Activity for children five and older that allows them to make lockets out of bottle caps.
  • Copper Garden Signs: A site with good instructions on making these items for older kids.

Origami & Paper Crafts

  • Origami For Kids: Many different simple origami projects for young kids.
  • Simply Projects: A few simple example origami projects like hats or ducks for younger kids.
  • Origami Resource Center: Origami site with projects appropriate for younger kids.
  • Goldfish: Goldfish project for older kids capable of more difficult projects.

Pastel & Chalk Crafts


  • Pinhole Camera: Project that teaches older kids to how to make pinhole cameras.
  • Activities: A few simple photographic projects for kids of all ages.
  • Photo Collage: Activity for kids of all ages for Mother’s Day.
  • Making 3D Pictures: Provides instructions on how to make 3D images for older kids.
  • Photo Op: Interactive site for picture and image editing for children of all ages.

Recycling Crafts

  • Recycling Crafts: A place to find many different craft projects for many different age groups.
  • Film Canister Rockets: Project for older kids showing them how to use recycled materials to make canister rockets.
  • Water Bottle Rattle: Activity for older kids that shows them how to make rattles out of recycled materials.
  • Bleach Bottle Cat: Activity for young kids involving recycled bleach bottles.

Rock Painting

  • Ladybug: Activity for small children that shows them how to paint rock.
  • Rock Painting: Discusses materials needed for rock painting with some ideas.
  • Rock Painting Activity: A discussion about rock painting projects for kids of all ages.
  • Rock Painting Ideas: Some ideas for rock painting for children of all ages, with pictures of samples.

Rubber Stamping

  • Stamping Clay: Projects for young kids that involve using rubber stamps on clay.
  • Custom Rubber Stamps: Project for older kids about making their own down rubber stamps.
  • Stamp Flash Cards: A project for younger kids that teaches them to make custom stamps for flash cards.


Sculpting Crafts

Sewing and Needlepoint Crafts


Woodworking Crafts