The Best Amish YouTube Videos


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When you think about watching YouTube videos, you may not immediately think about the Amish. Traditionally, the Amish shy away from digital technology. But with that stated, however, the there are many good Amish related videos on YouTube. If you’re looking to gain insight into the day to day life of Amish people, videos are a great place to start.


Just as YouTube is a source of learning and information on a range of topics, the same holds true for learning more about Amish life and Amish culture. No matter what aspect of Amish life you are interested in learning more about, the odds are excellent that YouTube stands as an unexpected source of information. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best Amish videos on YouTube. You’ll find that the diversity of these videos is surprising and impressive.

Barn Raising Videos


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Amish barn raising is somewhat legendary. The ability of the Amish to work together to quickly build a barn is an impressive feat. But have you ever seen one happen before your eyes?


In May 2014, the Amish raised a large barn in Ohio. Not only did the Amish complete the building of this barn in one day, but most impressively they built the barn in a shocking 10 hours. It is important to note that the barn they built was not a small barn, but was in fact, a large and impressive structure.


In the following YouTube video, you can 1600 pictures were taken and then assembled into a video showcasing the entire barn building process. Nobody builds a barn like the Amish and this video backs that assertion up! To date, this excellent video has over 3 million views and growing.


Facts You Don’t Know About the Amish


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There are lots of misconceptions about the Amish. There are, however, several good YouTube videos that clear up those misconceptions and even provide overlooked information.


This video from the YouTube channel Geobeats does an excellent job of outlining what the Amish do and do not believe. Best of all this short video packs a lot of information into just two short minutes. Here are some of the key facts that the Geobeats video points out.


7 Facts About the Amish Explained


-The Amish have their own language.

-Attending school beyond the 8th grade is rare.

-Beard growing doesn’t happen until after marriage.

-Amish brides make their own dresses.

-The public energy grid cannot be used.

-The Amish don’t believe in insurance.

-The Amish pay taxes, but don’t pay into the Social Security system. Instead, the Amish believe that it is the responsibility of the community to care for one another.


Another interesting video about the Amish comes from the YouTube channel TopTenz. This comprehensive video features a brief history of Amish culture. It covers the persecution of Amish in Europe as well as the difference between the Amish and the Mennonites.


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The various differences between these two groups of people is covered quickly, but with a good level of detail. Information about Rumspringa and Amish music is covered as well. In this video, one interesting fact that is explained is that the Amish don’t play musical instruments. Other little known aspects of Amish culture are also covered, for example, children play with faceless dolls. Another little-known aspect of Amish culture, the fact that they don’t pose for pictures, as this goes against their religion.


Also covered is the fact that the Amish don’t embrace many forms of technology as they fear that it will lead to assimilation. Health aspects of being Amish is discussed at length including the genetic problems the Amish face as well as the fact that the Amish have lower levels of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Overall, this video from TopTenz is both informative and respectful.


If you have ever wondered why Amish men wear beards instead of moustaches, then you’ll love Today I Found Out’s, “Why Do Amish Men Wear Beards But Not Moustaches?” Many facts about why the Amish wear beards is covered in this comprehensive video.


Amish Treats Made Easy, Thanks to YouTube


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If you’ve been reading our blog, then you know that one topic we love to cover is Amish cooking. For those interested in learning more about Amish recipes, YouTube has much to offer.


At the top of many people’s list of great dishes is the whoopie pie. It’s a dessert that is seldom found outside Amish communities. This famous pie is made simple with this informative Amish whoopie pie cooking guide. This great video features an easy how-to for a chocolate whoopie pie.


As you discover from this video, making this treat uses a fairly simple recipe that is also fairly diverse, as there are many different kinds of whoopie pies including red velvet.


In How to Make Amish White Bread, you can learn how to make famous Amish white bread. Much like the chocolate whoopie pie recipe, making Amish white bread is fairly simple. Amish cooking typically relies on using fresh and tasty ingredients. Both of these recipes showcase just how amazing Amish food can be.

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People who visit Amish country consistently walk away with a deep appreciation for Amish cooking. Try these two easy recipes at home, and you’ll see firsthand why so many love Amish cooking!


Ultimately, YouTube is a shockingly good source of information about every aspect of Amish culture. Whether you want to know more about the history and roots of the Amish or what daily Amish life is like, YouTube content creators have created countless videos on the subject. In this way, YouTube stands as a useful tool to increase understanding and awareness regarding the Amish and their way of life.


So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some of these Amish videos. You’ll have a little fun and learn something at the same time. And in the process, you’ll definitely learn how to make a pretty tasty whoopie pie.

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