How to Choose a Nook Table That’s Useful During Large Family Gatherings


Tom and Linda got this Split Pedestal Extension Dining Table in oak with Wheat stain. It’s a lovely little table for their Rhode Island home, isn’t it?
How to Choose a Nook Table That's Useful During Large Family Gatherings

Linda wrote to us after it arrived: “Hi Laura, Linda here, Tom’s wife and the person who absolutely had to have the table! I love it!”


What the picture above doesn’t show you is that sweet little table can open up and become huge. The pedestal splits into three and the 42” round model can accept up to seven leaves. Tom and Linda bought four leaves with skirts. Here’s a catalog photo of an extended table.

A split-pedestal dining table shown with 6 leaves

While this dining table is elegant between uses, it keeps Tom and Linda ready for holiday meals, so they don’t have to keep an extra table around.

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  1. Kelly Farrell says:

    We are looking for a table that goes from small to big, just like the pedestal table shown. We are wondering the wood type and price. Thank you. Oh, we live in Calgary too so is that doable? Thanks! Kelly

  2. vsnemeth says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Sorry I missed your comment ealier. If you visit the table page, you can see a drop-down menu of different wood types. As you select different wood types, the price shown will change. Here is the table page:

    We ship to Canada, but you’ll have to call the office to get the shipping rate: 1(800)918-6184

    Thanks for reading.

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