Abandoned Architecture at Lake Prespa, Macedonia

by Vicki Nemeth
Hotel Evropa Prespa, Flickr CC by Hristo Fidanov
Maybe reading all these architecture and design articles has turned me into a bit of a visual math nerd. As soon as I saw those windows, I wondered why nobody was using them.
According to Ivana Petkukjeska, Lake Prespa in Macedonia is full of buildings like this. This is an old Hotel Europa.
What happened? Political instability. The Greek Civil War in the 1940s caused innocent people to pick up and leave. Later, in the 1970s, some tourists began visiting, but eventually the area was made a Transnational Park. Lake Prespa’s identity has changed too often for people to know what to do there.
This gives Lake Prespa an ethereal sort of peace, with plants overgrowing ruins as if taking back the building materials. Organic shapes interact with geometric ones. Human reasons for building these hotels may be moot now, but I wouldn’t say they are going to waste. I’d rather visit these abandoned buildings at Lake Prespa than the active ones by Lake Ohrid.
A building that is supposed to smell like cushions and ouzo instead wafts soil and pine; this bizarre mix of nature and civilization is more intriguing.
(Thanks go to Hristo Fidanov for the Flickr CC image.)

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