5 Health Tips You Can Learn from the Amish


Here are 5 health tips you can learn from the Amish


The Amish live a different way of life and can provide us with a range of different approaches to how we live our lives. The traditional wisdom of the Amish can provide us with tremendous insight into how we should approach health. Let’s take a closer look at five of the top health tips that we can learn and how best to incorporate those tips into our day to day lives.


Tip One-Time Outdoors Means More Vitamin D



Vitamin D is a tremendously important vitamin and essential for good health. Modern medical science has shown that there is a link between vitamin D and everything from strong bones and a enhanced immune system to lower incidents of diseases including cancer.


Nature has decided that vitamin D is so important that it is the only vitamin that the body can actually manufacture on its own. However, in order to manufacture vitamin D, direct sunlight exposure on the skin is a must. Sunlight is converted by cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D.


It goes without saying that the impressive amount of time that Amish people spend outdoors contributes to an increased intake of Vitamin D. This is in stark contrast to the tendency that so many modern people have to largely spend their time indoors on their computers or handheld devices.


Medical studies are pointing to the fact that low levels of vitamin D may be making people sick in a surprising number of different ways, ranging from weakened bones to an increase risk of multiple sclerosis, and the list goes on and on.


Tip Two-Time Outdoors Boosts Mood


5 Health Tips You Can Learn from the AmishScientist have been somewhat surprised to learn that spending time outdoors has a surprising benefit when it comes to boosting mood and lowering rates of depression. People regularly exposed to good bacteria in soil experienced a general increase in their sense of well-being.


Over the millennia, humanity has evolved to benefit from contact with soil. Regular contact with soil and beneficial organisms that get kicked up into the air can produce health and even mood boosting benefits. The Amish spend a great deal of time working the land and growing crops. As a result, they are almost constantly in contact with the land and the dirt; this helps increase immunity, improve mood and more.


Tip Three-The Big Benefits of Even a Little Farming

Close-up of leafy tops of grass under a blue sky with fluffy white cloudsFarming, in addition to exposing people to beneficial microbes and boosting vitamin D levels, has another benefit in that farming means physical activity. Instead of sitting at a desk all day, the Amish are often outside and working the land. Working the land means building, lifting, carrying, tons of walking and manual labor.
The Amish way of life is a very different way of life and it comes many health benefits that anyone can enjoy. While you don’t have to start farming tomorrow, keep in mind that that Amish don’t have gyms or health clubs. Yet, they enjoy a far greater overall level of health than the average non-Amish citizen.


Tip Four-Growing Your Own Food Comes with Surprising Benefits



The Amish grow their own food and utilize ancient techniques for keeping the soil rich and healthy. One of the key results of this approach to food is that Amish grown food is nutrient dense and farm to table fresh. They largely consume food that was recently grown and picked, rather than food that has been sitting on shelves for days or even weeks.


This lifestyle comes with big benefits. A primary benefit of farm to table fresh food is that it is nutrient dense food. Much of the nutritional value of store bought food is lost by the time it reaches your table. The average consumer can minimize this problem to an extent by joining a CSA (community supported agriculture). A CSA brings food directly from the farm to consumers; this food is far fresher than food bought in conventional grocery stores. By joining a CSA, you can get a small taste of what Amish food is like.


It is important to note that the Amish diet is devoid of many of the ingredients that are adding to health problems and obesity in the non-Amish population. Chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other toxic food compounds are essentially unknown in Amish life. There are no Amish fast-food restaurants and this is reflected in the overall health and well-being of the Amish community.


Tip Five-Don’t Smoke or Drink



One of the key reasons that the Amish are healthy that the general U.S. population is that they simply don’t smoke. Smoking is viewed as being horrible for the body and the Amish, in general, avoid smoking. Like fast food and foods with preservatives and additives, smoking and drinking also damage DNA. Smoking, for example, is extremely harmful to one’s health as the typical cigarette is a carefully designed mixture of toxic compounds specifically designed to be addictive.


Simply stated, the Amish lifestyle is different. However, hidden within that lifestyle are many health boosting habits and approaches that non-Amish everywhere can adopt and call their own.


While you might not be able to go and live on a farm and grow your own food, there are many steps you can take. It may be possible for you to grow a small percentage of your own food, for example, herbs or a few tomato plants. Also like the Amish you can avoid fast-food and processed food and seek out as much organic farm to table food as possible. Many of us may view the Amish lifestyle as being a thing of the past. But when it comes to the future of health and well-being, the Amish seem to be well ahead of the modern curve.

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