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Amish Bird Feeders

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Invite your feathered friends to your back yard with our Amish bird feeders. Amish Furniture Factory offers a nice variety of Amish bird feeders in several sizes and varieties. Our Gazebo wooden birdhouses have proved to be popular sellers over the years and can be easily mounted on a post or hung from a tree branch or pole. All of our Amish bird feeders are hand made using select grade material and are pressure treated to ensure a long life outdoors.

The benefits of owning and maintaining a bird feeder on your property has many benefits. Not only can you observe the seasonal arrival of the different bird species, you will be aiding in their survival and their ability to care for their young during fledgling stage and periods of seasonal food shortages. If you properly prepare your Amish bird houses in the spring, many species will remain through the duration of the spring, summer, and fall seasons once they have been attracted, before they begin their southern bi-annual bird migration. Another significant benefit of using a wooden birdhouse to attract birds to your yard is increased control on the insect population. Especially if you live near a body of water or wooded area you will benefit by reducing higher than normal insect populations since birds are natural predators of many types of insects.

How can you attract birds to your backyard? First, purchase a variety of bird feeders, wooden birdhouses, and bird baths that have successful track records from being sold to customers in previous seasons of attracting a wide variety of bird species, and have been all around proven to be bird friendly. Some bird feeders for example, favor one type of species over another, or can possibly trap or injure birds. Give your Amish bird houses a quick rinse before filling them with fresh seed, suet, or syrup. Lastly, once the spring feeding furry begins, ensure your bird feeders remain stocked throughout the feeding seasons. Lastly, once the spring feeding furry begins, ensure your bird feeders remain stocked throughout the feeding seasons. This will increase the chances that your new friends will return to your Amish bird house after their initial visits.

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